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MG TD TF 1500 - $40,000 Does not buy much anymore

Even the wheels appear missing :-)
Christopher Couper

At least they upgraded it to 12 volts.
t lange

Hmm... strange. In most of the shots the wire wheels seem to be black, but in the close-ups they are green. I much prefer the green, but am I just seeing an optical ilyushin?

They are usually in shade, and look black.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Looks to me it is in need of a restoration :) Have a look at the hood it doesn't fit properly and for US $40,000 that's A$48,000 I think the man is 'dreamin.
John Walton

MGA engine? Weber carb. I hope he gets it... I would like to see that much for my car.
C.R. Tyrell

Given our engines are getting harder and harder to find, if you have to replace the motor, this is a nice way to go.

Glad to see the wires are green, I was thinking they were black and did not like that. Otherwise, not that bad a car. Price? well, I hope they get it.
Bruce TD4139 Cunha

For a car that is not totally original, the pricing is "off with pixies".
G Evans

How about this rare TF for $79,000.00 on ebay #231544678381
JK Barter

looking at the car tag that is all rusty and sorta beat up, I cant see how that paint job and the rest of the car are "unrestored".
TRM Maine


The eBay 79,000 TF has been re-painted (the original color was grey...), the dash, seats and carpet have been replaced, the chrome is new (see the black bumper strips that are not original), threshold plates are new, the "original" valve cover is from a TD, the title is dated 1998, new exhaust, "original" spare looks like a 5.60, complete undercarriage has been re-painted, wiring is a hornet's nest of old and new re-wiring, replaced steering wheel (?), and more, and more. Show me an original registration for this car, and I'll believe this is the original license plate!

Do these people think we just fell off the turnip cart?

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Gee, I love the black crash pad with the tan interior! No bars behind the seats, wrong valve cover and Lord knows what else is wrong. I think the price is based on how long the ad is. Is this guy for real? It's at least 50K over priced. Oh well, it takes all kinds. PJ
Paul S Jennings

$79,000 for an non-original TF. Ya gotta be kiddin'!

Mixed road wheels - two Borranis on the rear, the rest Dunlops. Tacky black bead between wings/tub, Non-matching cowl pad, missing the ½-tonneau bars, some sort of “gizmo” drilled into the dash plus another unidentified drilled hole. Unuseable spare tire.

Plus I suggest the car has not been subjected to complete, tub-off restoration, as the engine compartment seems dirty and some rust showing. I didn’t look at the videos so perhaps there’s more.

And what’s this nonsense about a black CA plate? To me, it has zero value. I would be arrested if I drove my TF here with plates that were not issued by the Québec DVA; and I suspect that’s true for most jurisdictions.

The seller is delusional if he/she thinks that Barrett-Jackson would ask $125,000 for this mis-representation of a show TF. A non-original, glitzy paint job does not a show car make!

Might be lucky to fetch $25,000.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

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