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MG TD TF 1500 - 45D4 distributor points

I recently had Advanced Distributors build me a new 45D4 distributor with vacuum advance for my TD engine and want to get a spare set of points for it.

Looking at the Moss site they only show points for the 25D4...does anyone here know if there's a difference?

Thanks in advance...
Gene Gillam


The points for 25 and 45 are not interchangeable.

The 45D was fitted to Bs and midgets from about 1975, so they should be readily available.

Edit: Having said that, I think that some US models had electronic ignition, so may not be as available as I thought.

If you
Dave O'Neill 2


The 45D4 distributor was on the following cars and if you Google "points 45D4" you will find several suppliers.

Austin Mini from 1974
Austin Marina 1975
MGB 1975 to 1976
Land Rover Series with New Style 45D4

James Neel

Thanks...found some in the U.K.
Gene Gillam


What’s your reason for getting vacuum advance on the TD? Are you running a stock engine? Where is the vacuum source? Just curious.


S Grimm

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