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MG TD TF 1500 - '54 MGTF Engine start - finally!

I am finally able to post the link to the extended video of the start-up and running of my TF's engine.

This was fun -- John
John Brickell

Awsome video John! Thanks for the credits, but remember those were just my implementation of ideas from Dave Braun! Wish I had your tranny & rear lifetime perhaps. Good job by your camera crew as well. I need to hire them for my next video, which I hope to be a "ride down the street" with an open chasis - if the snow ever melts.
PS: Nice gauges, but I don't think they'll fit the dash?
efh Haskell

Looks and sounds great.
Was wondering what the dual exhaust was going to sound like.
Bummer about the pertronix ..I love mine. (still carry a spare set of points though)
an OBTW: When you finsih up all the wiring consider leaving a "hidden" toggle for the fuel pump.
Been doing that since the 60's on all my LBC's.
Had at least one I "got-back" because it was there.
Our Austin was abandonded by thiefs in the midle of the road when float bowels ran dry!
Face it ...these cars are not very hard to hot-wire.
Cheap securety system.
David Sheward

A great dual extraction exhaust, sounds fantastic. I also think that the engine color will be very nice with the body, given the 'christmassy' look of the alternative.

Great work, great attention to detail throughout.

(I do have to say I love my stock gear box though...)

Dave Braun


Johns car is a TF. Those gauges are the stock arrangement for the center spot in the dash.

Alex Waugh

Appreciate the comments guys, but much of my success is owed to those who have so generously guided me through this process particularly those who participate on this BBS. One person I forgot to mention in my video is Dave DuBois who did the conversion to solid state of the fuel pump and to negative ground.

Several have commented on the excellent video work, and that was done by my son Adam. Yes, he did have a very steady hand which certainly helped in the clarity of the scenes.

Good suggestion Dave S. to leave a hidden toggle. Would not have thought of that, but now will do.

Okay, now on to getting that darn tub finished -- John
John Brickell

Alex, whoops!
efh Haskell

Great sound John. Do you need to borrow my my seat? I've got another one in lime green.


Hey, with a seat like that why put in the original back in. Lime green you say?, let me think about that. LOL

My lawn chair has stripes and will show when I get my nerve up to do the test run in a lawn chair and no body work. Alex keeps pushing, and maybe I'll yield and do it. Maybe.

John Brickell

No maybe about it John... I know you've already decided to do it! Common! You know you wanna! huh huh?

Alex Waugh

Concourse Police Alert:
LaVerne : busted / That is obviously a TF seat in his TD.
Although the Coke Logo apears to be "period correct"...bucket seat in a TD????

Minus 10 points.
David Sheward

Congratulations John with this wonderful milestone. She sounds great and produces almost none tailpipesmoke. Well done!! Greetings, Huib
Huib Bruijstens

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