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MG TD TF 1500 - '54 TF Dashboard Layout

I am a "greenhorn" new owner. Could someone provide info or schematic of dashboard so I can check out controls and their functions. Upfront apologies for my stupidity. THANKS!
Jerry Chandler

Welcome to the forum Jerry!

I highly recommend you obtain a copy of the owners handbook (Operation Manual MG midget series TF/TF 1500) for the TF. Reprints are available if you shop around. It contains a lot of usefull information including explanations of all the controls and usefull tips like how to pack the sidescreens away. Some of the TF Workshop Manuals also have the operation manual information.

You will see that the dash knobs have letters on them and they go a bit like this:
C= choke
S= starter
L= lights
A= auxillary (often for fog lamps)
P= instument panel lights.

May I ask your chassis number?

Matthew Magilton

>>Welcome to the Forum,,, there really are no Stupid questions,, it's just a learning curve!!!


Jerry, and have some nice exploded parts diagrams that also might be usful to you. Cheers Phil
Phil Atrill

You have come to the right place...welcome!
As Matthew said "Operation Manual MG Midget series TF/TF 1500" is a good place to start.
Do note that that manual shows the "layout" for a RHD car.
Several other referance books I have read mention that the layout is somewhat differant for a LHD TF.
I believe it is fairly common knowledge that the Tach & Speedo instruments were reversed.
(i.e. Tach is located nearest the driver.)
As for correct placement for Starter pull & choke ...well, there has been some confusion concerning that over the years.
IMHO: The choke is located nearest the driver.
(I could be wrong...a check of archives will show I have been wrong before! LOL)
Other than those two differances I believe the rest of controls are the same ...although the aux & lamp switches might be a good subject for debate.

In short dash might still be wrong after all these years!

Cheers & welcome to our little family!
David Sheward

Jerry - e-mail me at and I can at least send you a schematic for the TF. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

My LHD car make not be set-up correctly, but the starter pull is at the left, choke at the right. My three warning lights follow the wiring diagram, not the illustrations in the booklet. Left is red--ignition, middle, blue--fuel and right, green turn signal. The low fuel lamp comes on with about 2 gal. left in the tank.
David Werblow

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