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MG TD TF 1500 - 54MG-TF dismantling photos

As I have mentioned previously, I have completed the total dismantling of my '54 MG-TF which I purchased a year ago. In the process, I have taken 249 photos. I have created 5 albums of these photos in Snapfish, the internet photo company. The following link, hopefully, will take you to these five albums if you are so inclined to view. I have not used Snapfish before for such a purpose, but hopefully it will work. If you have not signed in with Snapfish before (there is no cost) you may have to register and create your own password, etc. If prompted, the "code" for viewing these albums is: 54mgtf

The URL to get to my Snapfish "room" is:

If this doesn't work, let me know and I'll see if I can work this thing out, but I was looking for a way to share my photos. At this point, there is no write-up to go with the photos, like Dave Braun has so helpfully done, but these photos my still be of interest.

Cheers -- John
JL Brickell


Looks like the link will work but to see the photos we'll have to join Snapfish.

Gene Gillam

This is an excellent collection of photos.
These are the photos I didn't take enough of.
A lot of originality questions answered for the TF.

Thanks for sharing.

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

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