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MG TD TF 1500 - 55 TF-1500 #8805

I am considering selling my TF-1500 that I started driving this past summer after a frame off restoration.
The car is a great driver, and I've had it at several local shows this summer and won "Best of Show,Import" and "Top 40" at 2 of them.
The car is a "WOW" to look at and runs great.
I'm getting into another project and really only have the room for one at a time.
You gentlemen have been most helpful answering all my questions during the process, and I was wondering what price I should ask for a quick sale that would be reasonable.
The car still needs a couple of items, Side Curtains installed on the frames (I have the origionals and the Kits from Moss still in the bag)
rear shocks rebuilt (once I started driving it, they are noisey) and Tach reconditioned (it works but the needle bounces around so it's disconnected)
Other than these 3 items, it's done.
A picture is attached and I would like the car to go to a good home where it would be appreciated for what it is.
I have an offer from a wholesaler right now for $16500, but I feel this is low.
Any advise would be deeply appreciated.
Thanks again for all your assistence during my TF project.
Dave B.

DW Burdette

Very nice looking car--you may have to wait till Spring to get close to what it's worth. I would advertize it for $23,000-$24,000--can always negotiate with a true buyer.
David Werblow

Dave, that offer from a wholesaler is way too low. Since your car is a 1500 it should fetch a premium price. My feeling is that the "wholesale " price plus $10,000 would be a good starting point. I see that TF 1500's needing complete restoration are going for around $10,000. Altho' I am not a great fan of eBay I would be tempted to list the car with them. When I inquired about selling my Volvo 1800es I was suprised at how low their fees were when selling a complete automobile. Unless I misunderstood them, when I called I was told the total fees were about $150 after the car sold.
Cheers, Hugh
H.D. Pite

David, Hugh,
Thanks for your input.
Maybe EBay is worth a try.
I'm thinking if I get $20K or better, I'm a happy guy.
Dave B.

DW Burdette

Try to get a valuation via the club or an independant assesor local to you!
If its as good or better than it looks,and its a show winner,then it could be circa $30k!
No point giving it away!!

Thanks Pilkie, Good suggestion!

DW Burdette

I too am selling my TF 1500 and just listed it on e-bay this morning and by 2:30 this afternoon someone paid the "Buy-it-Now" price. Total cost to me was $125. This is my first try at e-bay and I was skeptical, but it worked!
G Mantey

Dave, if all you want is $20K and I lived on the east coast you car would be sold.
I see one on eBay sold for $32k on Sept. 8 and a few others recently were bid up to the high 20's but did not meet the reserve.
Gary, are you at liberty to say what your "Buy it Now' price was? This may give Dave a feeling for the market.
Cheers, Hugh
H.D. Pite

My "Buy it Now" price was $23,000. I probably could have gotten a bit more if I had more time, but I needed to sell now to make room for another British car. Looking at Dave's car and his description, I would not let his go for anything less than $25,000 to move it soon or even more if he has time to get the right buyer. JMHO.
G Mantey

Looks like EBay may be the way to go.
I'm glad it worked well for you.
I guess I'll take some glamor pics, get it posted and see what happens.
I've attached some of the current pictures of the car on my previous comments, but here is a picture attached from Jan 1st, 2012, the day I bought the car.
Thanks so much!
Dave B.

DW Burdette


If that's a Jan 1, 2012 photo, I've got to say you work fast!

C R Huff

That is incredably fast indeed !!!!!!
Did you also work on the Police cruiser in the backround???


Dave forwarded this to someone in our club looking for just your car in almost all respects.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Yes, it was January this year, and once I start a project I work long hours until it's done. (I drove my wife crazy with this one) I was very excited to get to the end result and surprised my self that I was driving it in July. July 1st, 6 months to the day.

The police cruiser is my son's. I stopped by his house on my way to my first show in Merchantville, NJ. He followed me in his 69 Mustang which he also entered in the show. It was a great day.

Thanks so much for forwarding this to an interested party.
I was going to take pictures and post on EBay tomorrow, Saturday, for $25000 "buy it now" after Gary had such great success.
Should I hold off? I'd very much like to have a club member take her home.
Dave B.
DW Burdette

he has yet to get back to me. probably out of town. If it is listed, he can find it then. Hope your sale goes well, nice looking car. one of our club members who passed away just had the car sold by his widow and it went for about 18 I think, not as nice but a good 1500 that was a real hard runner.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Well Guys,
It took me hours, but I listed "Little T" on EBay today. If you want to check it out it's Listing 140888244511.
In my first comment I said that the rear shocks were noisey. I checked them out today and guess what. If your shock mounting bolts aren't torqued tight enough, they make a thumping noise over bumps. I tightened them up, topped off the shock oil, and now it's quiet as a church mouse. I wish I had checked those bolts a month ago, I thought it was the shocks themselves.
Anyway, thanks again for all your assistence over the past year and we'll see how this auction goes.
Dave B.
DW Burdette

IMHO,That is way too cheap,somebody will get a bargain!
Should be $30k easy,but its that time of year when many dont want to spend a large chunk of change!!
Have you worked out what its cost you?
But then if you need to move it on and are happy with the price,so you can start on another project that is your choice!
Good luck with the sale!!

There is a guy over here who spent 2yrs and 35k restoring a TR6 to show winning condition,only to sell it once done for 18k,just to fund a new project that cost him 40k to do,then he sold it for 20k???????
Cant see the logic in loosing money like that for all the hard work put in!

See this unrestored TF1500 on Ebay!

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