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MG TD TF 1500 - 55 TF Heater

My car has none and I'm curious as to where one was mounted and what it looks like. How hard the originals hard to find? PJ
Paul Jennings

They never came wuth one new Paul. Most common after market were Smiths and Arnolt. I have an Arnolt.

LaVerne Downey

I found mine on feebay. Restored by Ben Cordsen in Ft Collins Colorado. It will keep the frost off your right toes.

See these web stes for more info.
LaVerne Downey

Seeing how they didn't come with one from the factory, would a dealer installed American made heater of that period be correct? I have an American heater dated 1954.I believe it's a York.
Paul Jennings


Here's what appears to be a great alternative:-

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

We have a Bosch heater, with 3 speed fan. Dealer installed in Germany.

colin stafford

Gordon, At $240.00 the Mojave heater seems like an ideal set up. 12,000 btu and small in size. Might be a little to modern looking though. PJ
Paul Jennings

I use a 'Harrison' american heater from a pickup truck...probably early 50s late 40s....

Gordon, I like the speaker set-up you have in your car.Is it possible to hear the radio with the top down? I have two speakers under the dash but facing the floor. Sound is almost impossible to hear and I am wondering if it is worth the touble to remount them. Maybe it is just my 79 year old ears!
Jim Merz

No...they had to be 3 1/2" to fit in those cases...and although the shop told me how great they were, the sound was just 'ok'...At speed you couldn't hear anything. I now have my iphone plugged into a little powered speaker and it is just about the same....

Arnolt heaters were a common dealer add-on in the 50's. I know of one installed in a 1950 TD at the New York opening show. Bud
Bud Krueger

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