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MG TD TF 1500 - $70,000 TD restoration

You'd think that for $70,000 this car would show better, and perhaps be more original. It looks like a $2 hooker to me.

Tom Lange
Bar Harbor, Maine
t lange

Yikes! (eBay listing 160658172150 )

You'd think for 70k with the intent of doing the "best possible restoration" they would have put the body together with some attempt to replicate the seam between the quarter panels under the door, but they didn't. Makes me wonder what lurks under there. I can bet it is not immaculate,well fitting wood with bondo free, rust free metal over it. When I restored my TD it took 8 years, but I did it correctly. I also did not throw money at it, I rebuilt the original parts when I could, and found NOS parts when needed.
Also, what is with the yellow fan, wrong coil, aftermarket air cleaners, wrong instrument panel, wrong paint, wrong sill plates, wrong steering wheel, wrong top, wrong (and tacky) wheels, wrong clutch cable and wrong routing of the fuel line?
Somebody may have had a lot of money, and no idea how to properly restore a TD. This car may suit the owners personal taste, but not mine.
D. Sander

Well, it does have the ... ahem .... "correct black leather upholstery."

Out of the $ 70,000 spent apparently none of it was on reference materials.

Clearly a lot of money was spent on the car. It's a very nice customization, not a restoration.

Hard to explain how it has won Best MG at a major show, unless it's one of those where bling outweighs correctness. There are many, many things that are not correct.

Worth $ 35,000? A big stretch.


Bobby Galvez

Another one of these things with a lot of dollars attached. It is a nice looking car, not to my tastes and has nice paint,but not really correct. Wonder how much he will get for it.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Watch the video. The guy talking knows zero about MG's. Just lots of buzz words that he uses for every car he sells. Still, it is a nice job cosmetically. If you include my hours in my restoration, my car is worth $300,000! Unfortunately my hours are worth nothing.
efh Haskell

Harold got rich on that car.

All in all I like it, that is I wouldn't throw it out of bed for eating crackers:)

Richard Taylor TD3983

Some liberties taken, and maybe a bit "over the top" for my taste/pocketbook ...but that is one nice looking car. I'd be afraid to drive it.

The nice thing about these ads...(IMHO)...I now know that my black interior & hood are "correct". LOL
All these years I thought it was wrong ...silly me.
(Seems I did read that there was 1 TF made with a black interior...hmmmm I'll have to make sure I mention that if Izzy ever goes on fee-bay;-)
David Sheward

Color obviously not original, but body work and overall fit, quality of paint, etc. look really nice. Needs original air cleaner assembly, correct steering wheel, light/ig. switch, and a black fan. Maybe a $25K car- if all else (wood, etc.) perfect. George
George Butz

Well, it's a really beautiful car....
Easy to pick apart, what with wire wheels, after-market dash, steering wheel, air cleaners, gauge faces...Even the dash screws are wrong (pretty, but wrong)....
I didn't even look at all the pictures...
I don't usually like two-tone MG's , but this one seems to work...
Couldn't tell if the grill was black, or chrome, reflecting the car color....Chrome light buckets are wrong as well....
Anyway, from strictly emotional view, I really like the car...But for that money, it should be a 100 pointer.
Don't think you could build it for less than 40K.(Not counting your time.)
E.B. Wesson

Nice looking for a restoration that apparently is trying to make the TD a bit unique. That is a very nice paint job, but again, just not my cup of tea for the TD

Orginal? Well, the oil/temp gauge did not come in until TD 13914. Can't tell with the floor mat, but it does not appear to have the foot well as it should.

Cable clutch. Don't know when that changed, but this car is just a few above when they went to the 8 inch clutch, and as we know, it is not unusual for cars around a shop transition to have various parts (whatever was lying around)

I also do not know when the TD went from the early Generator to the later. My 1950 with flat speedo, tach and single oil pressure guage, 20 amp meter. has the older stile, (Which I actually like the looks of better then the later ones)

I did note one very minor point. The drain on the radiator is missing the tubing.

I am still a believer that if you are going to put that kind of money into a restoration, why not go for factory +. Would not have cost him that much.
Bruce Cunha

I have half the money in my car and mine is as nice as this one for $70. I have to assume a great portion of that cost is labor, there is no way you could spend $70k on that car. Still money aside, that is a nice car. Original in all aspects, NO, But the rebuilder made it his own, I think we have all done that on our cars! You guys are hardcore lol!

RK Rich

I think the ID plates look like they have been either over stamped or some maybe repops. The engine ID is the only one that looks normal.

Richard Taylor TD3983

Definitely repops.

Tom Lange
Bar Harbor, Maine
t lange

Been following this one on ebay for fun. It has about 3 1/2 hours left as of 7:30 PM CDT, Oct.4. Bidding is just over $ 23,000 and reserve not met.

There's a response from the seller in answer to a bidder's question, and surprisingly this car doesn't have a toneau or side curtains! "It was never driven in the rain."

So, a $ 70,000 shop tab doesn't get some weather gear. ?!

The car is beautiful, the work is well done. But ...


Bobby Galvez

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