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MG TD TF 1500 - 9 post regulator

I have TD/C 9606 which is supposed to have a 5 post regulator according to the original mg midget detail site so that's what I purchased ( The car didn't come with one). So as I'm starting to assemble a car I find that the holes in the firewall seem to correspond to a nine post regulator with no separate holes for a fuse box . Does anyone have a car of similar vintage with the same circumstance? I suppose it may not be there original firewall but I have no way of knowing. Also if anyone has a serviceable 9+ regulator for sale I'd appreciate hearing from you thanks.

J Cosin

Tom Lange is the resident expert on the TD/C. He will have what you need for details on your question.

I have a 50 TD 4139 made NOV 1. It has a 9 pin.
Bruce Cunha

I'm also thinking you should have a 9 post. As the separate fuse assembly was fitted beside the later regulator & as you say there is clearly no evidence of the holes to fit the separate fuse, then a 9 post would seem to be correct. My car, TD 5801 - DOM 1st Feb 1951 - has the 9 post. I have 3 spare 9 post regulators, but shipping would be a problem. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Try Jerry Felper at . Bud
Bud Krueger

The change over was at car #8142 according to "The T-series Restoration guide". Look from the inside to see if evidence of holes or where they were filled is visible. A fuse box is a lot cheaper than buying an incorrect regulator. George
George Butz

So an update--there are definitely no filled in holes on the back side of the firewall. Also, I rummaged through a box of stuff and found what was left of the old 9 post regulator so apparently they must have had one left over and put it in my car (which is definitely chassis # 9606-both ID plate and the frame have this number stamped) and built in August 51.
J Cosin

The only difference electrically between the 9 post and the 5 post is the addition of the extra fuses. So if your old 9 post regulator has a good base, you can transplant the electrics from a good 5 post, which are much less expensive.
Lew Palmer

I run a 1951 TD number TD8986 produced July 11, 1951, and it has its original 9 post regulator.
John Quilter (TD8986)

TD/c-8151 has the 5 pin regulator and separate fuss block.
W A Chasser

The factory service parts list also has the changeover at #8142. I could see how if either the factory ran out of 5 post regulators and/or fuse boxes and had 9 posts around they could substitute. But I would think all of the holes would have been drilled when the bulkhead was manufactured. Just curious John and J Cosin, what is the manufacturer date stamped into your regulator's case- it is on the back flange? George
George Butz

Very hard to read the date and other numbers since they are up against the tool box but it looks like 3 51. The generator is 4 51. There are no other holes in the bulkhead for a separate fuse block. Would they be covered up by a larger 9 post regulator base?
John Quilter (TD8986)

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