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MG TD TF 1500 - a Close Call

My TD restoration has taken place in several spurts over a period of 47 years.
The front/rear suspensions and brakes were done back around 1984 in Wisconsin.
The car was shipped, disassembled in 1988 here, NJ.
It mostly sat until about 5 years ago.

You might expect that there might be something loose or over looked.

Lately I have been trying to get brakes. they are very soft.
I have bled and bled and bled. Each time I think I see some improvement.
Lately I have been driving the car around the block.

I decided to take off the front drums to examine the brake cylinders for leeks and since the rubber hoses are 33 years and perhaps they are expanding, replace them.
I started on the front passenger side. take off the wheel, the grease cup, the cotter and nut and washer and pull the wheel. I see no issues. Perhaps a bit of oil or grease on the shoes.

Clean the up, replace the hose, reassemble and off to the drivers side.

I take off the wheel, remove the grease cup, AND NO WHEEL NUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

The front wheel could have easily fallen off going around the block and messed up all the body work and everything else.

Its a 5/8-LH nut and AS does not list it, so ordered from Moss.


Jim B.
JA Benjamin

That could have ruined your whole day. Glad you found it. Best to go through the whole car and check every fastener. I need to do the same on my dad's car I'm restoring as I have a dozen jobs going at once and when I get delayed on one project I shift to another to keep things going in the process. I invariably forget to do something and have to go back and tidy things up.

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

It went to order a nut. Abingdon listed 3/4" LH BSF only. Before ordering I measure mine. It was 5/8.
No one at home in at Abingdon. Moss listed it. I ordered it and a washer. ($8.55 + $7.19 + shipping.
Back down and I replace the front brake hoses.
The driver side pipe from the hose to the 3-way junction also has a buggered thread. After 1 hour of trying to thread it into the new hose I give up and order a now pipe.

Nut arrived on Tuesday. Did not fit. Careful examination showed the spindle threads were buggered. Probably why there was no nut.
I assumed the threads were BSF. That's a 55 degree thread.
With much concern I used a 60 degree file. Still very tight. Screws on 1/8 turn.
OK maybe its the Moss nut. Do the Chinese know how to cut a BSF thread? I called Abingdon. Its a TC nut. I ordered a duplicate from Abingdon. (8.25 + shipping). (Its now Wednesday). I install the new brake pipe. Its easy when the threads fit.
Abingdon nut arrived today (Friday). Its tight also.
So its, not the Moss nut, perhaps the spindle threads. Looked for a 5/8-14 BSF LH die. OOPS! its $70.
OK lets try some valve lapping compound. (Water based to clean up more easily.)

1/3 turn, lap 10 times, 1/3 turn lap 10 times, 1/3 turn lap 10 times. 1 hour later, the Moss nut now runs on smooth.

I clean up the threads. Abingdon nut is still tight. (So I did not take too much off.) Not as tight but not going on without a wrench.

I use the lapped Moss nut.
Now back to Bleeding and changing the rear hose.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

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