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MG TD TF 1500 - A few more questions


It all started with a stalled Harting fuel pump. Got some good advise, adjusted the pump, it now runs perfectly.

Now that we have gas the front carb float sank. Replaced float, adjusted the carbs car running very well. Valves sounded noisy but there was a question as to what cam was installed.

Dave DuBois furnished detailed instructions on how to measure cam rotation and lift. While marking degrees of rotation on crank shaft pulley notice a coolant drip. Removed fan belt and found big wobble in water pump.

Decided to pull radiator to easily access water pump and at the same time mark degrees on pulley. Found all rubber coolant hoses show signs of cracking. Now for the questions.

1. What source is best for hoses? I have a bad opinion of some Moss rubber products.

2. No gasket with new Moss water pump. Yeh I know I should have ordered one. Any one know what thickness gasket paper for the water pump?

Probably more questions in a day or two. Ain't MG's fun.

Best regards,

Jim Haskins

1953 TD
J. M. Haskins

jim, i understand your reservations in regard to moss rubber products (i have yet to have a pedal box fume extruder last more than 1 season)but my Moss hoses have been on my car for 5 seasons and look as new. regards, tom
tom peterson


Thanks for the reply. I will order hoses and the forgotten gasket.

Best regards,

Jim Haskins

1953 TD
J. M. Haskins

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