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MG TD TF 1500 - A Gold Star (or two) for Moss

We do beat on Moss when they do something wrong. Here is something very right they did.

Almost two years ago (the second of May of 2012) I bought one of their carpet sets. It was on sale at the time, almost $100 off, and although I had no immediate use I purchased itm sort of an investment.
It sat in our sunroom, un opened since.
(I keep MG-TD parts in the sunroom, much to my wive's dislike.)

Just last Saturday I opened the box and found item 1C, the rubber heal mat insert was missing.

I called on Monday and talked to Ken in Technical service. He said Moss would send me one, at no additional cost.

I got an email shipping notice yesterday and the missing part arrived today.

Well done Moss!

I am sure the likes of Macy's would not have done this.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin


I agree, all in all, Moss does a decent job supplying parts for our little cars. I understand your pain, first hand, of parts setting around the house.

Bill Brown

I have been guilty of beating up on Moss, but I have to say, there customer service is with good. When you consider how broad their product line is, how extensive the catalouge is, and how many customers they have, there are bound to be some problems.
The few times they have made mistakes with me, they have been very good about making things right.
Thanks Moss,
D. Sander

Jim I am glad you brought this up. I could not agree more. I often do not shop price because I am so indebted to their tech support, tech articles, extensive catalog, videos and all the other help I have received over the past 3-1/2 years.

Mort 50 TD (Mobius)

I've always found their customer service impeccable and their shipping fast and their products (mostly) good. I just think some of their products are overpriced...
Geoffrey M Baker

Without Moss and Abingdon, likely none of us would own or drive T-series MGs. Price: unless you run a business (especially a small one), you wouldn't believe the huge expenses incurred to just stay open. That is no doubt why some things seem expensive. Customer service has been great since I started dealing with both around 1972! George
George Butz

I've found Moss' prices quite reasonable for most parts. Then again, most of the parts for our cars sold by others are also manufactured by Moss. They are certainly far cheaper than parts for many other classics of the era, and much, much cheaper than parts for new cars which are produced in massive quantities and therefore much cheaper to manufacture.

I can't imagine what it takes to produce small quantities of specialty parts for these cars at prices people will actually pay. I seem to remember they have something like 80,000 individual parts numbers to not only keep track of and hold inventory on, but to continually monitor for quality and fit issues. I can certainly deal with the occasional problem or a part that isn't 100% as original, in order to have these people keeping our cars running. Besides, if they don't do it then who will? There is no one I can think of who is set up to so much as make an attempt at doing what they do for us.
Steve Simmons

Sometimes their prices are very reasonable; I'm looking at a full set of brake cylinders for $160... that's a very GOOD price.
But when their axle nuts are TEN times the price I found at another supplier... you have to scratch your head sometimes....
Geoffrey M Baker

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