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MG TD TF 1500 - A Little off Topic for Dave Braun


Aren't there any LBC's (MG) in Minnesota besides one TR.


You missed the MG Y-Type and two Metropolitans!
Steve Simmons

What I liked is the guy in the Metropolitan with a sack over his head!
Larry Brown

I think over 11000 cars last year, mostly American Iron. A lot of us don't go as the crowds are huge and you cannot see it all in one day. Great American cars, not so many British and other..
Tom Maine

We should fix that Tom..
Bruce Cunha

it is such a zoo, that getting around is really bad. lots of folks bring golf carts or King midgets to get around. I have not been in years but it is fun to see the rods around town. You coming to GOF this year, should be a good one.
Tom Maine

I have attended MSRA's "Back to the Fifties" every year for more than 25 years. Yes its street rods but all 1964 and older cars are welcome including MG's. Each year I see a few more MG's and thats great. Its a three day event, cost is $30.00 if registration is recieved by April 29, 2014. This is for the registered car and two persons to enter the event for all three days. For the last three years it was the largest car show in the country. For more information go to
Tom Maine

Not sure. May be in the middle of a retirement move. If not, will try to make it.

Also, if you notice at 140 into the video there is a Ghostbuster Ecto. I know the group that built this one. We just finished one for the Wisconsin Ghost Busters. I did most of the gizmo's on the roof and some of the mechanical. This is a 1965 caddy. The original was a 1958.

Bruce Cunha

I'm not sure what to say... It's a great time though...
Dave Braun

Why don't they build cars with tailfins anymore?

Bill McGee
Bill McGee

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