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MG TD TF 1500 - A pusher fuel pump from the gas tank?

Good morning gentlemen:
the bits are slowly coming together - maybe for our May long weekend , or maybe for our June one. Here's hoping. I'll include two pictures, just for the fun of it, but the important question is this:

Because the pressurized radiator catch tank is going to go where the fuel pump would normally go, I'm thinking about putting a low-pressure [6 or 8 psi] fuel pump right on the line heading out from the gas tank, and just run the hot lead back.

I've got a NAPA down the block, do any of you have a part number [negative ground] that might work?


Dave Jorgensen

Here's another shot of the whole thing - slow but sure.


Dave Jorgensen

Here's another picture, as well.

Thanks for all the ideas,

Dave Jorgensen

Dave I have a new one still in the wrapper in the shop. Come on by and I'll help you put it in LOL.

NAPA# 610-1051

6 to 8 lbs is to much pressure and will most likely push the fuel on past the float. The # I gave you is rated at 1.5-4 and even then you'll want to check that it's not pushing the fuel by. Car's looking good. Is that the oil tank for the Judson next to the battery?


Dave J. - 6 - 8 psi is too much pressure as Laverne states. If you are set on going with an after market pump, ask for a low pressure version such as the Facet pump that puts out between 2 and 4 psi. See the articel, Backup Fuel Pump in the SU Fuel Pump Articles section of my web site at: for the part numbers on several different after market pumps that are available that will work well in the MGs (all of these pumps are dual polarity, meaning that you just hook them up with the red wire to positive and black wire to negative). Another consideration is to with the proper, high pressure SU pump that was used on the TF and MGA. These pumps put out 3.8 psi and are designed for use in our cars. The part number for the all electronic version of these pumps is AZX1331EN for negative ground or AZX1332EP for the positive ground version. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

LaVerne and Dave:

Thanks so much for the advice on the low-pressure pump - I appreciate the part numbers for the TF/MGA pumps - Dave, are those Moss numbers?

LaVerne - yes that's the oil can for the Judson. We'll mount it right there, and that leaves room for a Triumph Spitfire-sized battery. I've been told that Marvel Mystery Oil is the miracle supercharger lube, but I've also been told that liquid WD-40 will work, as well as a straight 5W oil.

Decisions, decisions...

Dave Jorgensen

Dave, Marvel Mystery Oil was the rec. oil for the Judson from new. I ran a Judson till I blew up the motor and had to sell it to pay for the motor rebuild. I loved it but they are hard on these cars as everyone I have known that has one has experienced blown pistons and broken crankshafts. You have to build the engine to hold one. I now have heavy duty pistons with thicker tops, brand new custom rods and a new crankshaft, Now all I need is the Judson
TRM Maine


Yes, I'm aware of the real dangers regarding the pressurized intake. When we were balancing the rods on the XPAG [holy smokes, what a difference in weight between them!] I'd thought about buying one of Moss' remaining forged cranks, and now I'm sad I didn't.

I guess I have to keep in mind not to try and buzz the XPAG like I do our turbo Miata - 4000 or so sounds like a pretty reasonable limit - but maybe once we're up and running, a bottom end rebuild with a Moss crank might be the right thing to do next winter.

It's either that, or go with the rebuilt aluminum Buick 215 longblock, the T5 Camaro transmission, and the MGB V8 mounting kit from a friend's stalled B conversion. How's that for false economy?

At least most of you have spring - here on the northern prairie, I'm looking at a nice November-like snowfall.

Dave Jorgensen

Dave J. - "I appreciate the part numbers for the TF/MGA pumps - Dave, are those Moss numbers?"

No, those are the SU part numbers from Burlen Fuel Systems You might want to check the price directly from them. You can usually get the pumps direct from them a lot cheaper that from Moss, even with the shipping. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois


The pictures of your car are great. I hope you can get it on the road this spring.
I mounted a Napa pump [part no. E8016S] on the kick up over the axle. I used longer bolts for the rear shock and mounted the pump on a heavy aluminum angle, using these bolts. The instalation was very straight forward and it can be wired to run with the regular SU pump, or have it as a back up. In your case it would be the prime pump. It was not the least expensive one,but what the heck, I only have one MG.

George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham


How about I plan an inaugural cruise down Hwy 22 on the July 1st weekend and end up in your neck of the woods - I'm sure I can find a few E-Types, Miatas, TF's and MGA's to run as wingmen [John, would you be in with the TF from Stony Plain?] and we could take a few pictures at Kananaskis. We won't tempt fate too much - we could bring my Taurus wagon and a tow rope - but that might be a good goal to shoot for. Thanks for the Napa part number.

Thank you all - this whole thread has helped me a lot. This makes the next step in the project much easier.

Best wishes,
Dave Jorgensen
Leduc, AB
Dave Jorgensen

Mr. Maine. Here ya go :-)

L Karpman


Sounds like a winner. June 1st, July 1st, Aug 1st, Sept 1st, what ever suits your schedule, I will be delighted to meet you and your car. I have been following it's progress with great interest and look forward to seeing it first hand. I recall the movie of your "start up" and it brought back the excitment of my "start up" after 33 years. Keep in touch.

George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham

Not sure what the first week of July has in store for me but I am always up to a run in the TF. You should try to aim to have your car ready for the Alberta All British Field Meet on June 6. I designed the attached poster . . . you will notice my TF on it :-)

Godspeed in Safety Fast

John Crawley

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