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MG TD TF 1500 - A rat among us !

Thats right and the rat is me. I'm ratting out the following individuals to send in photos of themselves with their "T" to Gordon. Reguardless of condition, finished, in boxes or on the track. No excuses, borrow a camera if you need to and get Gordon your photo.

Mike Moryl in Indiana
Mike Walsh in Washington
Don Scott in Oregon
Kurt Byrnes in Pennsylvania

and there are others I'd like to see. Thanks Gord Clark.

How about Mark in Austin?
Come on expose yourself to Gordon ( Kinda match's the web slave Eh?)

And Bob's my uncle


Hey LaVerne,

Let's get the Gordon's straightened out! I know you don't mean me, but the others might start flooding my poor old dial-up connection with terra-byte image files!

I don't need any more photos, or for that matter any more load on my already-outdated PC.

Gordon Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

Sorry Gord. Photos to Gordon Lawson please.

Okay, I sent it today - so cross me off the rat list. Don
don scott

Thanks Don. Hope the parts work for you.


I went to the photos, but did not find Gordo of the North and his Faithfull TF. I, however, do have photos of he, the car and the aftermath of several single malt Scotchs (?) Maybe that will get him to respond and join in.

Safety Fast


I sent Gordon a picture. I found an email address on his web page, I hope it's the right one. A picture of my car is also here:
Mark Barrington

I'm also here:
(bottom of the page)

I'm the skeevy looking fellow with the beard. The distinguished looking fellow is Lorne Parks.
Mark Barrington

Very good Mark. If I ever get to Austin again, meet me at Stub's and I'll buy the beer.


I tell you what, you buy my beer, and I'll buy yours. Shiner Bock. Nobody drinks Lone Star, except tourists.
Mark B.

Kinda like Coors here. I prefer Fat Tire myself.

Hello all.....

This might not be appropriate on a site such as this, but here goes anyway.
I have a NOS right rear fender [wing] that is surplus to my needs, square tail light, so therefore fits early TD's. Also a pair of early rear shocks,Girling, opposed piston type, surplus as well.

Anyone interested?


I think we did pretty good(both pretty and good) here.

Have two left who have promised photos to gordon sometime soon. We still have others out there... Jesus and even though Sandy says no T in his stable I think we would all still like to see a mug with something British for Gordon. There are others ....don't be shy.


Stuart, Rob, Craig Cody others???

I'm off the rat list! My pic is out there now, even though the grille and radiator are removed for some front-end work.
Mike Moryl

Gordon just posted a photo I found that was taken on the day back in 1984 when our "Barn Find" TD was transported by Flatbed to our house. It is of my wife Annie celebrating with a martini after finally getting an MGTD. The car had been stored on blocks for 17 years in a windowless area of a barn on Avon Mountain down here in Ct. . Little did she know at that time, that there was an active mouse nest under the drivers seat!

Steve Wincze

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