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MG TD TF 1500 - A Sad Stupid Story

So here is my sad stupid story.

A few weeks ago I posted a question about my brakes. Although the pedal was low and soft, a thorough examination revealed no leakage anywhere. Among the many good suggestions that you kind folks offered, was that the seal in the master cylinder might be leaking. This seemed perfectly logical since it would give me similar symptoms.

Before taking the car out of service I wanted to have the necessary parts for repair on hand. Never having taken apart a master cylinder I was unsure of what parts to purchase. So of course I bought a complete assembly including the master cylinder housing and all of the internal parts. I also added the brake line adapter and washer.
I then took out the old master cylinder and put it in the new one. I bled all of the breaks in the proper sequence making sure that I remove all the old brake fluid.

Then came the ultimate test. I took it for a drive. Guess what, the brake pedal was still pretty low. They came the

Mort 50 TD

Good story Mort-
I'm sure we've all had our "whoops" moments. Welcome to the club.

Look on the bright side at least you didn't replace the master cylinder a second time thinking your replacement was bad.


Roy Challberg

Whenever we have malfunction of some sort we tend to immediately assume the worst, most complex and expensive repair is needed. Moral: hope for the easiest repair and check the simple things first.
John Quilter

Cheer up. After I put the supercharger on the TF I found it would hold 5,600 in top. So I got a 4.55 diff set and asked an engineer to fit it. He rang with the news that he'd taken the diff apart and I already had a 4.55. Somewhere I'd lost track of the fact that when I replaced the 5.125 that came with the car I'd put in a 4.55, not the 4.875 I remembered.


Seeing it was in pieces already I had a 4.3 put in. Not so good for the track, but better for the highway - about 3,500 at 60 mph.

We're all idiots at times.


Mort Don't feel too bad - at least your brakes worked and did not get you in an "event" :)
My only sorry tale was, back when I first got to the States, to go to the International Parts Store in Lewiston and ask the guy some Mineral Brake fluid. To replace my current fluid of about 10 years. He gave me 2 tins of German fluid and said this would be what I needed.
Turns out it was hydro elastic shock fluid and after bleeding all my brakes to replace all the liquid with new. All hell broke loose - worked for about 2 days. Then rear cylinder leaked and put fluid all up inside the rear wing (Good for removing paint) Then nothing worked. I could not bleed the brakes as the hose had swollen shut at the rear axle. I had to start all over again. New seals for all cylinders and 3 new hoses and a new master cylinder. I could not find a kit for my original. Got the parts and some dot 4 form LLBC (should have done that the first time) and redid the whole system.
You live and learn. In England, last time I was there, everyone knew what Mineral brake fluid was. Since 1964 I had never had to say "Dot4" SO now I know. Sometimes it is best to not fix something that ain't broke.

R D Jones - Ex Pat

It's good karma. Your mistake is someone else's gain... and we all learn!
Geoffrey M Baker

I once rebuilt an engine on an MGB because of excessive oil consumption. Turned the crank .10, bored the cylinders .30, new valves, valve guides, tappers and cam. Put it all back together, and it still burned oil. It was a bad pcv valve.
Live and learn.
Be well,
D. Sander

Had a 68 sprite while in college. Was working at a gas station and noted my master cylinder was a bit low, so I grabbed the brake fluid off the shelf in the station and filled it up. Two days later,I hit the brake and the pedal went to the floor. Thank goodness for a cable emergency brake system.

First time I learned that the old English brake systems used a different brake fluid and the one I used ate up the seals.
Bruce Cunha

Bruce: That reminds me. I need to put a big sticker on my master cylinder cover stating I have Silicon Brake Fluid least when I get a few years older, I won't forget. :-)
Christopher Couper

Bruce: That reminds me. I need to put a big sticker on my master cylinder cover stating I have Silicon Brake Fluid least when I get a few years older, I won't forget. :-)

Never thought of that Chris, great idea! If not for me the next caretaker will appreciate it, ah yes, maybe even me. LOL. PJ

Silicone Fluid Sticker - good idea, thanks!

P G Gilvarry

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