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MG TD TF 1500 - A TC on craigslist

Popped up locally here.. Manassas VA.

You'll have to copy and paste in a browser. When I try the link it goes back to this board for some reason.

If I had some cash I would go after this one.

Peter Dahlquist

Copy and paste works.
L E D LaVerne

If you highlight the link and then right click on it a Go to....... option appears in the dialogue box. That took me to the craigslist post. At least it does in Google Chrome.

Tim Burchfield

Is this the one? PJ

PJ Jennings

Yeah...that's it. And close too!!.....
No....never have driven one. After reading of other's experiences, I suspect I would find a TC a 'handful' after a sweet TF.
.....But I love to look at them, and that one is 'real purdy'.

M Brand

TC's are just cool period. Having worked on one for a number of months I can say a couple of things about them. They are much cruder than a TD/TF. They have almost nothing in common with the TD other than the engine, carbs and wiper motor. On the one I worked on, we put in new king pins and bushings, rebuilt dampers, new urethane bushings as well as new tires and a VW steering box conversion. It was scary as hell to drive at speed. Two hands all the time as it would dart at any given moment. That said I'm pretty sure that if it had been mine I would have gotten that straightened out much better as I would have had more time to do so.

I don't care for the black interior on the one here for just doesn't look right inside any T car to me...but thats just each their own.

L E D LaVerne

"Two hands all the time as it would dart at any given moment."

That's definitely not right. The VW steering box has the ratio of a Mac truck. You should be able to drive down the highway with one finger on the wheel. the TC front end has a lot of things that need to be just right, including the axle being installed the right way around! It's surprising how often you find them backwards.

Driving a TC is pretty much the same as driving any other pre-war design. They tend to ride harder and have less grip than their more modern counterparts. But that doesn't make them slower. In fact, a lot of people "back in the day" preferred the TC as a race car to the TD.

In my opinion, TDs and especially TFs are more like driving an MGA than they are a TC.
Steve Simmons

I bought my TC in 1972. Imported it from the UK. $1500 plus $300 shipping. Those were the days :-) Unfortunately due to severe family and financial issues I had to sell it in 1974, but only got $1800. Oh well, at least I broke even.

Fast forward to 2017. Sold my second TD I had for 11 years. Sellers remorse? Heck yeah! But as I looked for a replacement with possible MGBs, GTs, Triumphs, etc., I kept getting drawn back to the TC. I can't get it out of my mind. I found myself looking for a restored TC as I can no longer do the heavy work myself, but the prices were shockers. Still can't get the TC out of my mind though. To me, the it's the consummate MG.
L Karpman

I'm lucky to have both to drive. They are as said two completely different cars to drive.
Regards, Don

Donald J Walker

There are still TCs to be found out there fairly affordably; sometime soon (at least be Spring) I'll be selling a running, driving, stopping TC for $15,000, in case anyone is interested. Fine interior, good wood, nice tight steering; the one downside is flaking red lacquer paint. 16" all around, and all there. Been garage-stored for over 30 years, last used as a parade car in Eastport, Maine - a perfect every-day car that can be driven reliably. New brakes, fuel system, etc.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Continue to enjoy the experience everyone, stick with our magnificent TDs and TFs !! Rack and Pinion Steering,independent front suspension and decent cast iron brake drums make driving our cars a real pleasure.(lol).

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

Tom, let me know when it's available. I know someone who may be in the market soon.
Steve Simmons

Thanks, Steve; it's pretty bleak and cold here right now. I couldn't get the car out of the shop if I tried; we're expecting over a foot of snow tomorrow!

Tom Lnge
MGT Repair
t lange

Remove the "s" from the https part of a link and it should work.
efh Haskell

I've arranged to see this car tomorrow afternoon and will report what I find.

Charlie Adams
Charlie Adams

I saw this TC today. Overall, a nice car needing mechanical work to be brought back to running condition and driven.

The owner said its matching numbers, but the bonnet latches were stuck so I couldn't verify this.

The owner's father bought the car in England in 1963, and kept it in Florida for years. Earlier history is not known. No maintenance history is available. Nevertheless, the car has had effort put into it over the years. The owner does not know the current mechanical condition.

The body is straight and the paint is fairly good. Certainly presentable. The undersides of the fenders were not done when the car was last painted, and are black. There is some light rust under the car, but overall the body is quite nice I think. The doors sag a little, and it appears to be worn hinges. The passenger door handle does not operate the latch. The chrome is a bit dull and in fair condition.

The bonnet is loose on the body--the hinge end pieces are not screwed down. The engine compartment is quite presentable but I could not get a look at the carbs.

The black interior is in good or better condition except for the carpet which should be replaced. Seats are back leather. The top frame is off the car, and the side curtains need redone.

The battery was dead and the engine has not run in some years. The tires are dry rotted and near bald. The brake and clutch pedals flop left and right so the bushings need replaced. I suspect suspension rubber needs replaced. The brake pedal went to the floor, the master cylinder is damp. The handbrake does work. Typical TC steering feel at rest.

I'm going to help the owner by starting the car after doing the important prep work. Perhaps I'll then be able to drive it a short distance, and if so will add to this report.
Charlie Adams

Wish you luck in getting it started. Cheers...Barry Ryley
Barry Ryley

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