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MG TD TF 1500 - A TD selling in bits on e-Bay?

Has anyone else noticed the US trader, "Briteuroparts", from Redding CA, who is busy selling, in individual lots on e-Bay, a substantial number of component parts of a single 1953 TD?

For example, see:

Is he going to sell the WHOLE car, I wonder, and overall how much will his efforts raise? More sadly, perhaps, I'd have liked to have seen what condition the TD was in before he took it to pieces, to know just how irretrievable (or otherwise) it really was.

- Tom.
Tom Bennett

Interesting ...anybody keeping a $ total?
Anybody missing a clipper blue 53?
I guess that's one way of getting rid of a basket case you don't want to put back together.
David Sheward

I noticed it this afternoon... going to search through my spares...sheesh!

Since this is a 53, I dont think the color is original. I think Clipper Blue was only available on TC's and the TD till 1951. Here is mine a 51.

TRM Maine

Its sad seeing a car that has stayed together for so long being parted out. I think many times an owner starts a total rebuild and then something happens to them and somebody else comes along and just sells off the parts.

Since Little T was a basket case when I got him and just starting to go back together I sometime think
"Lord just don't let nothing happen to me until I can get Little T back toghether." LOL
Richard Taylor

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