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MG TD TF 1500 - access to the the main brake cyl

simple question,
how ca I get access to the main cylinder reservoir to fill it up during brake maintenace.
The point is should I drill a hole in the floor board the get access to the cap and to fill the reservoir from there ? (Simmilar to the rear axle filling plug)

The floor board 'should' have a metal plate covering an opening over the filler cap. This is an oval plate with a hook extension, and a small screw into the floorboard to hold the hook and retain the plate in place. Could the board have been replaced and no plate fitted?



that's what I'm believe, the floor board are replaced and therefore there is no opening in it.
What I want to do is to drill a large hole just over the filler cap to get access.
Thank you for your quick answer.

Ian's description is correct for a RHD car, for a LHD car there is a large rectangular steel tray inset into the floorboard, this is covered with a rubber mat.

John Scragg

Ah ! OK !
I can remove that steel tray to get access ?
Thank you John, this sounds good to me.

The steel tray should have a hole directly above the master cylinder fill port. The hole is blocked with a removable rubber plug.

Larry Shoer

The whole time I've owned my car (several decades) the rectangular plate was never screwed down. I would just peel forward the carpet from the lift the dots at the seat rails and lift out the plate. I have no idea if I'm going to like the little plugged hole now that I've diligently screwed down the plate in my new floorboard. John Scragg, early LHD cars also had the swinging apeture, by the way.

Dave Braun

did the early cars have the recessed steel insert? i thought the dropped pan insert was on later cars, correct? mine is an early car and it has the recessed insert. did the early cars have a flat steel insert or was it just a flat floor? regards, tp
tom peterson

The steel footwell on LHD TD was added at TD 4238.
Don Harmer

This thread was discussed on 24/07/2008

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