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MG TD TF 1500 - Accessory light?

Can anyone correctly name the "accessory light" that was plugged into the sockets in the TD dash?
I assume it was from Lucas, but have not been able to verify that.
Was it for map reading during rallies, etc?
Thanks, John

I believe they were known as a " Lucas Inspection Lamp," also called "trouble light" A search on the net will show different kinds. Some had socket plugs of equal size, so polarity did not matter, some had a larger and a smaller socket plug, so you need to verify which you need. In buying, make sure the plug is intact, as a replacement plug can cost around $25 or so on eBay. Thanks. Larry
Larry Brown

...of course there were so many after market items to plug into the accessory plug... window defroster....tea kettle...etc, etc...
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Bunch of different accessories, like Gordon said.
Fire me an email and I can send pix of some of the ones I have off-line if you would like.
hootersvilledavid "at" yahoo "dot" com
Most here have seen the collection before posted on here so maybe I should not do it again!
David Sheward

Yes, do it Dave! I am sure many of us would enjoy looking at the old time items. Maybe even stumble over some of them some day at a garage sale.
Jim Merz

On this note. Some years back I was in a auto junk yard and found a newer version of our trouble light. Toyota had a long trouble light that plugged into the cigarette lighter back in the late 1960's. Not original by far, but works quite well if I need a light under the hood.
Bruce Cunha

...I made up a spotlight .....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Give me a shout if you ever want to part with the tea kettle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MGTD52 at comcast dot net

I use the sockets for the battery charger. However, I also have a (modern) inspection lamp that I've bought at SVC in the UK. The original inspection lamps are quite different from the modern ones and occasionally pop up on eBay.


Jasper Nederhoed TD #3966

Here we go again....

David Sheward


David Sheward

Sorry Steve ...think that one will stay with the car.

David Sheward

I have had these for quite some time, most came from a dear friend in the UK that found them and passed along at his cost. He had actually worked at Abingdon and built my car October of 54.

Here's a few of what he found for me:

Bronze one is the "Lucas trouble / inspection lamp"

(hook pulls out and you twist the top part to wind the cord into the body)

Silver one is a "Rayayot pistol lamp"

(spring loaded finger grip pulls back to clamp on)

The 2 lens one is a parking lamp...also by Lucas?

(An early law in London required parking lamps to be parked on the street after dark. This one would hang on the window / side curtain. Popular with the M.G. crowd as the key has to be "on" for our lights to work!)

2nd pic is my favorite 12v accessory:

Sirram Electric car kettle -Tea pot.

Came with a UK style 2 prong socket you could mount on the car to plug into.

3rd pic is a Rayayot hunting lamp mounted on my car and is switched...but I have seen these plugged into the accessory plug also.

4th pic is a Wiplock map lamp mounted to underside of my dash. (switched also)

(pivots and swings)

I met the guy from a bad experience with a Ebay sale for a clear Lucas reversing lamp.

Long story short version: PayPal never paid him the $5.00 I won the bid for. Charged

us both $50.00 each to "investigate". Never did resolve. I called him and sent a $20.00

bill to him for it. Became friends on the phone when he learned I had a TF he built.

He found all kinds of great items and would just send anything he thought I might like

with a little note telling me what he paid for it! I would put the $ in an envelope and mail to him.

Our "plan" was to go for a ride when he got stateside....but he passed before we got to do that.

Think of him every time I look at the car many "little things" that came from Dave J. Often wonder about the prices he gave me and if he wasn't really paying more than he said! I always sent more than he asked.

(Hunting lamp and tea kettle were $30 ea. new and in box!)



David Sheward

David, I always enjoy your posts and stories. Keep them coming. Larry
Larry Brown

Larry ,
YOU are part of what makes this car so special to me!
(The missing trim piece on dash in fourth pic!)

Dealing with people like you and Dave made it like Christmas everytime a package would show up.

Dave did this for about 3/4 years and I have never counted all the things he sent. No warrning ...just a package would arrive and was never dissapointed with the contents!
Old gas cans, oil "sqriters", Rayayot clam-shell for exhaust, brass hot water foot warmer...on and on.

Lot's of stuff for the kids to fight over when I'm gone! LOL
David Sheward

Aw shucks, my friend. One day my "Mates" and I might just jump in the Sprinter and drive up and have lunch with you, and see all your treasures. Just what part of Georgia is Ohio in?
Larry Brown

The "very far" NE corner!
I'll buy.
David Sheward

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