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MG TD TF 1500 - after driving few miles, can't start until later

Another 1951 MG TD question...

I got my car up and running today after cleaning the spark plugs, fuel pump lines, and new battery from a 4 month break.

First quarter mile the car was back-firing, but then started running smoothly with no backfire.

Why the back-firing? Is this bad?

Then, I had a nice 5 mile drive.

Here is the main question and scenario I have run into times before...

I turn the ignition off. Just seconds after this, I try to "smartly" start the engine again, but I just get the rrrrrrrr sound and the engine doesn't start.

I have to wait for about a half hour to smartly start it again.

Is there a special procedure I need to follow?

Thanks, Joe.
J Holman

See the thread I just started.

John Redman
John Redman

John is thinking rotor, which is entirely possible. I'm also thinking point gap. Adjust it correctly, use a dwell meter if you have one. Note, changing dwell may change timing as well.

Dave Braun

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