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MG TD TF 1500 - Air Cleaner Recommendation

Are aftermarket carb-mounted air filters more effective than the stock oil-bath air cleaner? If so, which one is recommended?
Corey Pedersen

More effective? I don't believe so. Oil bath air cleaners designed for a particular application usually does a better job of cleaning the air than paper. JMHO. PJ
Paul sr

the aftermarket hellings style also make a wierd noise when you put them on the car. it is sort a sucking sound when you hit the gas. Put some on mine and took them off the same day, did not like the sould and as Paul says they are not as effective as the oil bath cleaner.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Corey :
a) a lot of people are missing the original oil bath cleaner, and want to use something, or just prefer the look of the pancakes
b) some people run 1-1/2" carbs, onto which the stock oil bath air cleaner will not fit
c) a lot of people want to use more modern oil filters, and air filters like K&N, although I've also heard people describe them as snake oil. I don't know.
d) The TF used Vokes filters on each carb, so that's where people are putting the K&N filters.

The original TD oil bath cleaner works fine, as long as you flush it and replace the oil from time to time (at least annually, depending on mileage and type of roads).

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

The consensus appears to be for the stock filter.
Thx for the input.
Corey Pedersen

This thread was discussed on 06/12/2012

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