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MG TD TF 1500 - Air cleaners

The PO of my 52 TD replaced the stock valve cover gasket with a nice Al cast one. At that time he also discarded the stock air cleaner assembly. Well. I was going to stick with that "new" configuration and now realize why he bent the radiator support bracket. It did not clear the cartridge style air cleaners (one per carb). Any ideas on how I might proceed? Should I just go back to the original, or is there an air cleaner assembly that works with a normal (ie, not bent) bracket?


I also have a 52 with the twin wire mesh air cleaners. I have kept mine on. You can also get K&N filters from Moss, which I gather perform more filtering (foam element ?).

There are 2 reasons that I keep mine this way. One is the cost of replacement with original type (they seem to cost $100's of dollars) and then there is practicality. The originals were very cumbersome, hard to get on or off quickly to work on the engine. They didn't look greate either.

I have been looking for a paper or foam filter to fit my
cannisters, to improve filtration.

Where in california are you ?

Larry Ayres

Larry, good comments; however, did you have to bend or remove the bracket that runs to the raditor? My new one bumps into the air cleaner. BTW, I am in Los Altos.


Take your filter / cover to a Harley shop and check K&N prices there!
Lot's of Harley's out there with the same SU carbs as our LBC's.
K&N may "seem" expensive ...but keep in mind that you buy a "cleaner kit" instead of a new filter every time.
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Dave, the original configuration of the factory "stay tube" for the RH side had a slight bend in it. This is the rod that attaches to the radiator and to the cowl support bracket. The factory Parts Manual shows different part numbers for the two rods although I think the only difference was the bend located just below the forward part of the aluminum intake collector manifold. Thats the one between the carbs and oil bath air cleaner.
Jim Merz

Interesting, Moss appeared, at least to me, to show that they were the same part (both left and right being part #: 451-700. Clearly there had to be a difference. Can you suggest the part number from either Moss or Abingdon? Appreciate the help.


Moss sells two K&N filters that fit the Vokes filter cans. They are cartridge type and can be cleaned and re-oiled. They sell for about $57 for two. The stay rod must be bent to accomodate these filters. The Vokes cans have the breather hose fitting on the front can and are better suited to run the hose to the TF type of valve cover. That's the one with the breather pipe pointing to the right not straight up like the TD valve cover, but I'm sure both would work.

Roy Challberg

Dave, if you are missing either or both stay rods, I would call Abingdon Spares. Bob has several cars from which you probably can buy the rods you want. It will be cheaper to buy used ones, clean them to bare metal and refinish as new. A left rod can be heated and bent to the righ hand configuration rather easily. Hugh Pite might be another source to contact.
Jim Merz

I have two left's (and a left-hand drive TD). If someone could describe the shape of the right, I would attempt to bend it. Since it is a tube, I would be curious if anyone can suggest a reliable method of doing same without kinking. Thanks

Dave 52TD

OK here are some measurements for the bend.
The bend is about 10 inches from the threaded end.
The tube is bent upward about 1 1/4 inch from a straight line.
Put the flat end in a vice.
Heat the tube to red hot in the area to be bent to avod kinking. Slow and steady pressure will do the job.
Not a tough job and not all that precise. Good luck.
Jim Merz

I have been told in the past that filling a tube with sand before heating and bending will prevent kinks?
gblawson - TD#27667

Gordon, you are quite correct however both ends of this particular tube are closed. More heating on the side of the tube where it is to be stretched will do about the same thing, if done slowly.
Jim Merz

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