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MG TD TF 1500 - Air Cleaners

Hi Everybody,

I am running a 51 TD with a Leystall Lucas Head and because head is abour 1/2" wider where the manifold bolts on there is no room for the original air cleaner set up.

Has anyone else found a solution to this problem?



David Tinker

Make a powerbulge in the bonnet/hood sidepanel like the MKII?
Willem vd Veer

Hi David,

I also run a Laystall head and understand the problem. Moss carrys a Stellings & Hellings style air filters that will fit inside the side pannel. They will do a good job on gravel size pieces and will also restrict the air to the carbs as they are quite thin. I have resorted to using a Vokes air filter in order to let the carbs breath properly but this involves removing the side panel as they will not fit inside. This works for me, as it avoids any heating problems in the summer and the car is away during the winter. Willem's "bulge" suggestion would work very well, but would involve expensive body work unless you could do it yourself.

George Raham [TD4224]

This thread was discussed on 08/11/2010

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