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MG TD TF 1500 - Air filter hose clamps

There is an L-shaped hose that connects the carburator air filter with the valve cover. I believe the hose is held in place by to hose clamp in each end. What kind of clamps, wire or steel band clamp? If wire, where can I buy them? Thank you.
Stuart J. .Ramos

Hi Stuart,

In his site, Chris Couper shows on an original unrestored TD steel band clamps, as he does on his own TD, which surprised me, I was willing to bet wire clamps!

Dave Braun

I cannot for certain say that the clamp in my picture is original, but it is what was on my 52 TD when I got it. Go to
and look at picture number 8. I hope this helps. Maybe someone else on this BB will be able to tell me if it is the same as there original.
D P Earles

This thread was discussed on 19/12/2006

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