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MG TD TF 1500 - Air filters

I have 2 questions for those with more knowledge. I have a 54 TF I bought and am in the process of restoring. It came with the two pancake chrome type filter covers but there is no filter inside. I am sure it requires a filter of somekind could someone help?

Secondly I wanted to put an electronc ignition on it. I read something about determining the type of distributor you have. How do you determine what type it is? Thanks for any help.

S.A. White

The type of pertronix ignition is determined by the polarity of the electrical system and the type of cam in the distributor. Polarity is determined by battery ground, positive (original) or negative.
There are three types of distributor cams in use. See the attached photo. The part of the cam that I colored in red represents the notch to locate the distributor rotor and helps identify the type you have. Originally, certain cams could be identified by the distributor number but after all these years, you could have any of the three installed by prior owners for who knows whatever reason. Numbers are no longer a reliable identification.

Jim Merz has a bit of information on installing a Pertronix module. Bud
Bud Krueger

Looking at your picture I think you may find that you have the wrong carbs on the car. Somebody with more experance on here may be able to id these? (MGA/MGB?)
If you can supply the #'s from them I am sure a member of this board can id them.

The air cleaners pictured are aftermarket type and there should be a "foam-type" element inside them. Possibly removed by PO due to restricted air flow.
There is quite a bit of info in the archives about these aftermarket air cleaners.

I recently started a thread on here conserning air cleaners on my TF that you might want to take a look at:
TF1500 engine alignment / Volks air cleaners

I am in the process of changing back to orginial Volks type but looking to use a K&N filter in them.

Cheers, & welcome to the board!


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David Sheward

You will find this site has very fast answers ...I was going to post again regarding "electronc ignition" but see it has allready been done!
David Sheward

Looks like some chrome dashpot covers Dave. Linkage looks funky and the choke doesn't look to be hooked up.

The air filters were a pretty common replacement I believe. That's what I found on mine and a similar set up on the TD. Both had a wire mesh inside which I suppose is better than nothing I guess. I think the idea was to oil them to catch the stuff.

Don't they look a bit "stout"?
(SU made a "chode"?) LOL
David Sheward

Just because it's "fun with pictures day" here on the BBS.

And digital film is cheap!

David Sheward

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