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MG TD TF 1500 - air in brake line

1954 mgtf: rebuilt brake cylinder: bleeding brake lines and keep getting bubbles: where do I look to find where the air is coming in?
C. Eastman

The air is not coming in, the air is trapped in the system, open all bleeder valves, keep the master cyl. full, put hoses into containers of brake fluid, let the system gravity bleed until a pint or so has been used. Tighten the bleeders, check the pedal,(make sure the brakes are adjusted) If pedal still pumps up, bleed system one bleeder at a time, a person in the driver seat using hard pedal pressure, & the mechanic, opening 1 bleeder FAST, & 90% or as much as the wrench will allow, then closing, still using a glass container to check for air bubbles.
Len Fanelli

Start at the right rear...left rear...right front...left front!

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