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MG TD TF 1500 - Airline Coupe Available.

Looks like a lot of work still to be done.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Great looking little car with much of the restoration done. Here's one I "built" many years ago and interestingly, in the same color scheme.

John Quilter


Jim B
JA Benjamin

Who made the kit John? Nice job.

M Magilton

If anyone is interested, I too have a PB Airline Coupe available for the next owner. It is a complete restoration including a totally rebuilt wooden body frame. Not perfect, but very acceptable. Excellent runner. Past 1st place winner at GOF Central. See my vehicle profile for a photo.
Serious inquiries only to lew (at) roundaboutmanor (dot) com

M. Magilton: Motor Kits from the UK. I purchased it Feb 1, 1985.
John Quilter

Certainly a nice kit - BUT, there should only be three clear panels in the sunroof, not four.

I'll get my coat, ok......

A L Slattery, I never noticed, but you are absolutely right according to the link to the car for sale and other Google images. But this 1933 MG F Magna salonette had 4 so MG must have changed their ideas along the way.

John Quilter

A lovely car that I would love to own. But... they claim it was "restored to a very high standard" and looking at the condition of the undercarriage and front axle I'd say it was not painted during that restoration. Also a lot of other parts look installed but unrestored, like the fuel pump, radiator / stays, what appear to be some incorrect fasteners, lots of rusty nuts and bolts, etc. And the fuel tank is painted red?

Still a lovely car, but to truly be restored to the condition they claim, it will take a lot of work.
Steve Simmons

Hi John,
The Airline bodies were only fitted to P-Types, N-Types & one T-Type (TA0355). The bodies were made by Carbodies and fitted to the rolling chassis after it was despatched from Abingdon.

I don't know if the F-Type Salonette bodies were "in house" at Abingdon or farmed out like the Airline Coupe bodies. I suspect they were done outside, but have no knowledge of this.

I agree with Steve, there is a lot of re-work needed on the advertised Coupe - but they are so lovely......



... Lot of work?

Ask Lew Palmer. Hes' been at PB0560 for several years. I saw it in Gatlinburg in 2006 partway through the restoration, and its now finished.

Very pretty cars - always draws a crowd.

Gord Clark PA0921
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

This is an odd one. Why would anyone go to the work of finishing the body in what appears to be a very good condition, and then put the body back on what appears to be an unrestored frame?

It would appear that you have to take the body back off and do the fame and suspension first.

Unless the rebuilder died, I seems odd that someone would not finish what appears to be a very nice car.

As this is a dealer, that is probably what happened and someone just put the body back on to make it easier to sell.
Bruce TD4139 Cunha


Abingdon never built bodies in house. On most models, the bodies were built by the body builder (such as Carbodies) and shipped in batches to Abingdon for final mounting. The exception was the Airline Coupe. In that case the whole running chassis was shipped to Carbodies in Coventry where the body was built and mounted. The car was then dispatched directly to the dealer network, never to return to Abingdon. Only if it required mechanical service did Abingdon do the work. If it was to due with the fit and finish, or unique items only for the Airline Coupe body, the customer was referred to H.W. Allingham who then sorted it out. My own Airline was such a case. A subsequent owner needed a spare set of keys for the door lock, wrote to MG who then referred him back to Allingham.

With regard to the German Airline, this belonged to an older gentleman in Luxembourg who took ill. The body was built by a gentleman in England, while the owner was working on the running chassis. Apparently, the chassis had not been completed, so when the owner decided he couldn't finish it, the two were reunited and the car put up for sale. I have not spoken with the owner or his son in several years, but I believe the owner did pass away.

My airline took 11 years to complete. It had been untouched in nearly 40 years. I had to tear apart the body frame and rebuild it piece by piece. I replaced 140 individual pieces of wood which were rotted, broken, or simply missing. I then had to source many unique parts or make them myself, including all the interior upholstery, window glass (6 pieces), and numerous small chromed brass parts.


This car is quite tempting, but my height probably rules me out - it was an art to slip into the TA Airline, so the PA might be even more of a challenge.

With a new frame & painting, all the really hard work is done - just 3-5 years of detailing to go !.

But so lovely........wish I still had the TA Airline..

Back to the TA Tickford instead !.


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