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MG TD TF 1500 - Alternator conversion

Hi all,
I have a 1952 MGTD and after driving home by candle light one evening I am really interested in upgrading the headlights to halogen. Looking at my ammeter I really could do with installing an alternator. Has anyone done this or do I buy the expensive Dynalite?

S Hathaway

hello, will your wiring carry the heavier load? regards, tom
tom peterson

S.H. -- Try Jerry Felper he is/was doing business as:-

British Auto Electric
2722 E. Carnival Ave.
Aneheim, CA. 92806 I don't have a phone or email.

Two of the folks in our "MG T Party" installed his units and were very satisfied. The units had been modified to have the tach. drive on the rear.

Thats all I know. But it seems to me that an alternator from a Subaru Justy would be a good unit to use since it is very small for it's rated output of 55 Amps. But you would have to have it modified for the tach. drive.

Keep us informed as to how this works out.
R. K. Jeffers

I am planning on upgrading the main charge wires if I manage to find an alternator that fits. Also I will add a relay for the halogen lights otherwise it will probably fry the dashboard dip/main beam switch. he main loom is quite new.

Thanks for the info on British Auto Electric, I will see what he has got.
S Hathaway

I drove my 1954 MG-TF for over 70,000 miles with a standard generator. I used two Lucas driving lamps (FT 576) and Halogen headlights. Not once did I ever have a low voltage problem. I also had installed relays to operate the driving lights and headlights.
Sandy ?sanders
Hudson Florida

I found that having the largest battery that will fit the TF helped in having not quit enough amps when running extra lights.
Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley

I believe it's the Delco Remy series CS130 or CS121 alternator that Jerry Felper is using to make the tach drive units he's selling (I have one).

The "L" wire from the alternator feeds back to turn off the ignition light on the dash.

Gene Gillam

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