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MG TD TF 1500 - Alternator -TF Disaster

I managed to buy a Ford Transit alternator on eBay. This has the shaft exiting at the rear so the Tacho can still be used. I made up brackets as per the on line photos but unfortunately these relate to a TD. After refitting the radiator to my TF I find the stabiliser bar from the firewall to the rad is much lower than on a TD and it restricts alternator adjustment to about 1". The only solution I can see is to bend the stabiliser which is a step too far. So the dynamo is now reinstated. Has anyone fitted an alternator to a TF ~ not one of the very expensive ones that fit into a dynamo case but a regular run of the mill type?

Jan T
J Targosz

I'm going to add air filters to my TD which will mean either bending or replacing the stabilizer bar with one of my own, to get around the filters... you might consider doing the same, making a new one that fits, and keeping the old stabilizer bar for show?
Geoffrey M Baker

You could try stepping the belt diameter down until you found one that will work with your 1 inch adjustment room. Might take a bunch of belts to figure that out though.
Alex Waugh

How about an adjustable belt.

Look at the twist-lock belts.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin


The problem with changing the diameter of any rotating device in the front belt drive, is that the tach drive depends on the diameter of the generator pulley, and is also dependent on the diameters of the other pulleys.

If you need an accurate tachometer, then you are going to have to do some fooling around with the diameters of the sheaves, including the belt size and pitch.

I've never believed that our tachometers are accurate anyway as, at high revs, the belt tends to slip, increase in length and move away from the rotating face.

The ideal solution would be to fit a toothed belt, but simple as it may sound, I'm afraid that would become an engineering project.

But like Jan, I want to fit an alternator to my TF and will be facing the same problem. I have seen LaVerne Downey's TF and believe I recall seeing an alternator and would like to hear from him.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

Perhaps there might be room elsewhere to add another small pulley on an adjustable pivot, which would give you more adjustment still (although you would need a different sized belt).
Geoffrey M Baker

A Dynalite alternator conversion with a tacho drive is nearly £500. This is a little too expensive for me, especially since my dynamo is in good condition. It's not the amps and I looking for but reliability. I always have problems with corroded points in the Lucas electromagnetic regulator - especially after a winter in storage. I am now minded to fit a Bosch 30019 electronic regulator. There is an excellent write up on line on how to do this. The Bosch unit appears to be a little too big to fit inside the Lucas cover but I am considering drilling a hole into the tool box, behind the Lucas regulator, and fitting the Bosch unit into the tool box. Has anyone considered or actually done this. Also the Bosch 30019 is readily available, and inexpensive, in the States but rare and costly in the UK. American eBay sellers mention US taxes. What are these and are there any problem buying parts in the US and getting them delivered to the UK.

Jan T
J Targosz


Normally taxes are only charged in internet transactions if delivered to a state where the seller has a presence and generally not charged to other destinations. That situation is constantly being challenged by the tax and spend crowd who would love to see a national sales tax. Having seen the terrible burden VAT adds I hope I never see it. I live in one of the few states with no sales or personal income tax by choice.

Enough of my smaller government rant! I don't think you will have any problem purchasing or paying additional tax from the 'States.

I'm considering an alternator for my TF. Here's a picture of a CS21 Delco adapted for tach drive. The rear bearing of these alternators is a ball type rather than a bronze sleeve and the end of the shaft is visible. This gentleman had a machine shop drill the alternator and adapt a drive extension. I like the idea as it's a very compact, self contained unit.

This picture was posted somewhere on this forum and the details may be available in the archives.


JE Carroll

I installed an alternator conversion kit on my TD from Jerry Felper listed below, The kit comes complete with every thing you need. The pully comes already mounted.

You take your generator off and install the alternator. Can be done in less than half an hour.

British Auto Electric 2722 E Carnival Ave Anaheim, CA 92806
(714)279-8081 e-mail:

ECS Stanfield

I used a cheap pulley from an air cooled VW on a similar installation, it is made it two halves so you can adjust belt tension by adjusting the distance between the two halves by adding or subtracting shims. I did it in order to calibrate the tach, but it would work just as well for belt adjustment - though probably not for both simultaneously!

May be a bit big for a alternator, as they want to spin faster.

Jan, I have shipped a couple of items to friends in Denmark, and it went fairly well, but you should understand that it is always very hard to know if you might be charged customs and duties for products from the American market. Also, most warranties are null and void when shipped abroad... in the case of a phone I purchased for a friend in Denmark, when it broke, he had to send it back to me and I had to call the warranty department, handle the problem, get a new one sent to me, and resend that to him!

If you want a particular product, I would be happy to see about purchasing it and sending it to you. Depending on where in the US it is purchased, there may be additional state taxes. I live in AZ and have a 9.1 percent sales tax, but it is not always collected by all websites. (Legally there is now a requirement to do so).

You'll never know until you try :)
Geoffrey M Baker

Jim Carroll,

I'm trying to find the Delco CS21 alternator, but I come up blank.

Is there a different number?

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

Many diesel engine cars and vans have a vac pump attached to the rear of their alternator which provides a potential tacho take off. Google "MG TD Alternator" and you will see a pic of a very elegant conversion carried out by David Braun. His car is a TD and the radiator tie rod is above the alternator. On my TF it was just about level with the widest part and this drastically reduced the adjustment. My engine is currently suspended from a hoist over the car while I install the 5 speed box but I can refit the alternator next week and take a photo if anyone is interested. If you look at UK eBay Transit Alternator or Astra Alternator you will see pics of the ones with the rear take off shaft.

Jan T
J Targosz


Attribute that to my poor typing skills. It's a CS121, 121 being the 121mm diameter.

It's used on small GM products like some Saturn cars. It came in many different mounting types including the one in the picture and others that are fixed mount that use a serpentine belt with a tension idler.

I was spending a little time searching the web for them and discovered that they are popular on hot rods where there's a space issue due to the compact size.

JE Carroll



Gordon A Clark

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