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MG TD TF 1500 - Aluminum Radiator

I was watching Heavy Metal and they were installing a radiator made by this company.

I sent them an email enquiring if they had ever built a MG TD radiator and price, they replied they had not but could for approx. $400 to $450 with an original for a prototype.

I am going to need either my radiator rebuilt or a new one so what is the groups concensus on trying this place out.


Richard Taylor TD3983

I asked a dragster friend of mine, Donnie Eckel, about him. He had not heard of this outfit.

When pushed he mentioned Ron Davis Racing Products, Glendale, AZ.

This does not mean your guy is bad or good, just unknown to sombody who knows more than I do about radiators.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

A good radiator shop usually can re-core just about anything. The tanks should last forever. Copper is a little pricy right now but I would think it's still cheaper to re-core yours instead of building a custom aluminum radiator, unless you have your heart set on one.
JE Carroll

Rich, I think I would opt for a rebuld of the original radiator. Retain and reuse any brass plates if they are still attatched and be sure you get a "three row" new core.
Jim Merz

I was quoted a price of $460 to recore one. Bud
Bud Krueger

I would assume they've never seen a TD radiator in person. If they have then I seriously doubt they would build one from scratch for $450. They probably also don't realize that it uses an outer shell, and that the dimensions of the radiator directly affect how the shell fits and therefore how the body panels line up. This is not a simple matter to do right. Even a recore of an original radiator is a tricky proposition to do right.
Steve S

I did mention in my email that the radiator had an outer shell and the dimensions affected how the body panels fit but if someone hadn't ever looked at a TD radiator, and he said he hadn't, then they probably wouldn't understand just how complex it would be.
I think it best to just have mine rebuilt with a three-row core. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good rebuilder in or close to Kentucky?

Thanks for the input

Richard Taylor TD3983

I was told by my guy that unless you build the whole thing, you cant make an aluminum core for our t cars. My guy rebuilds them with 3 cores for about 6-7 hundred. price of copper drives this . 450 soundslike a good price to me.
TOM Maine


Probably a excellent idea. If you can find one, a replacement TD radiator will probably fall into the same price range if not more. Even re-coring an existing radiator will cost you in the same range.

If you've found a shop that you can trust to make you a good aluminium rad, be sure to take them a TD radiator, regardless of condition, so the replacement will be an exact replica, and avoid fitting problems.

Now is also a good time to add necessary tabs, etc, Tabs for adding an oil rad, tabs fore mounting an electruc fan, and most importantly, a threaded socked in the bottom tank to allow for a thermometer bulb to be added for a tem. gauge.

Here's a supplier I spoke with when I was recently in Malaysia The advised they had made several T-Series rads and that the price was in the (equivalent of the) $650 range.

Gord Clark
Rockbirn, Qu.
Gordon A Clark

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