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MG TD TF 1500 - Amazing Grace : Update

Well I missed another GOF...however, sad I was not to get to met all my friends here, (again) ...I can't think of a better way to spend the "last day" of GOF 2012.

Early the morning of the 27th I got a call from John that he would be visting Abingdon Hootersville North Annex as soon as he was done meeting some children for a ride. About 5pm I heard the purr of an LBC in my driveway. Grace is here! There was a small charity car show near us that was allready underway. (I had told John about it.) A breif exchange of hello's and hugs and we were off to the show.
Graces arrival was much anticapated and more than well recieved!

Grace stuck around till after most of the cars were gone giving children a chance to actually drive her through the parking lot. (Sitting on John's lap, of course.) Talk about smiles on little faces! WOW

Back to the garage. The poor old girl was running on one fuel pump and leaking gas. We ran new lines and patched a leak in the tank with some JB Weld. Spare fuelpump "on-board" turned out to be the wrong one ...but we found a spare electric one and got it hooked up. A few other minor repairs (including mixxing another batch of JB to stick some angles to the dash) and John came in to get a shower before heading out for Chicago. It was 4:30am and he had children to meet at 11:00. It's about a 7 hr drive from my house to Chicago. 5:00am refreshed, but not rested we said good-bye...5:01am ...Grace won't start. :-( 5:15am and (with a fresh set of points Grace decided she wanted) One very tired dawg and I said good-bye for real this tyme!

Something I promised the board I would do if/when I met up with Grace ...our own John Friedler is along for the ride now. (Along with quite a few others we had collected).

Grace & John are comming back this way in a few weeks ....let me know if there is a name I can add for you. It's getting hard to find room but we will find a spot!

David Sheward

David S. Please drop me a quick note at dasander at aol dot com
D. Sander

Quite a car. IMO the signatures are worth more than the car it's self. They will become irreplaceable in time, hope no one ever repaints it. PJ
P Jennings

I asked John if they had given any thought to having it clearcoated when he was here.
Not needed, and she will never be re-painted. When Grace completes her mission she is going to live indoors at a Museum.

Anybody know how to "clearcoat" an oil spot to keep it on my floor? Can't bring myself to throw oil dry on it. I would have never though having oil drip in my face off the bottom of a car would make me smile ...but this one did!
David Sheward

What Grace does best:

David Sheward

David I have some names I would be most pleased if you would add. I'll send you an email

Will do.
She is suposed to be back at Mid Ohio this weekend.
I have to work in Canton,OH (NFL/HOF Game) but wife and daughters are going to go to the race.
Possibly back here the 6th? If she needs the garage.

(David Sander: Didn't forget want to try and do it so we can email you a picture like the one above.)
David Sheward

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