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MG TD TF 1500 - Amazingly awful very early 1950 eBay TD

eBay 141110868286

Now tell me, HOW is it possible that this car actually has 43 bids? Do we hear the word "shill"? I feel like running a contest to see how many things wrong can be found with it (I would give the car away as the prize to the winner - who would automatically be the loser...)! Starting with the wrong number made and ending with (no mention made?) of a replaced engine, with almost everything in between. Bumpers, over-riders, paint, instruments, switches, dash, seats, chrome under the bonnet, wiring, fuel pump, etc. etc.

This is egregious, IMHO! Does anyone else find this amazing? Is this perhaps one of the rare Slavic TDs that were assembled in Russia, using recycled MG and Volga parts? Sorry, if I weren't laughing so hard I would be crying...

Tom Lange
t lange

It looks like it's dressed up for a night out on the town...putting on the Ritz.
Gene Gillam

Oh, My! There is a ton of body filler in the body tub, as evidenced by no seam under the door and a bulge in the body line. I don't know where that dashboard, those bumpers, those headlights, those running lights, those side curtains or that top came from. It looks like it may have TF seats.
Buyer beware!
D. Sander

Good day Tom: etal:

Figured I'd stick my nose in and ask the consensus of the group regarding the Guarantee Plate. It seems as if the "LHX" coding has been affixed in a different sized letter case ? It may be my eyes, or the angle the photograph was taken at, but the other stampings all look similar except for the noted which do appear a bit suspect to the writer.

As for things that are wrong, as you wrote, one could spend quite some time listing the oddities.

Besides the ones you have noted: are the door locks and handles, headlamps and especially the rear bumper over-riders. Those were the first pieces that I noticed.

The paint finish is quite striking and I have seen other, non Factory jobs but "to each his own". The latter may also be applied to the extra "bling" evident by all the non-Factory chromium plating.

The tach/speedo units are correct and concerning the other facia bits, I have read of some owners who have installed small, L/R directional lamp indicators as those found on the MGB. Though criticism of any such Safety upgrades should be waived.

I must confess that both my cars came without a direction indicator system. I have remedied those situations so therefore, I reckon, my cars cannot not be considered as being totally correct either. (In truth they are both far from it what with stainless steel fasteners, etc., etc.)

If a bidder, especially one who has no knowledge of what is on the boards, blindly goes ahead without proper research then "caveat emptor" is all I can suggest. Possibly, such awareness is accounting for the small number of bids being tendered.

Right then; awaiting a barrage of comments;
I remain; respectfully:
Jack Emdall: TC6768/TD3191, Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia, Canada


What kind of inside door latches does this thing have?

Bill Brown

Also has an alternator, with a rather kludgie tach reduction gear box arrangement.

The distributor has side facing wires.

I believe the wheels are solid, without holes. I think I read early ones did come this way.

The radiator stay, on the passenger side, lacks the clearance bend.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Well, I certainly won't be advertising a "T" series car on eBay in view of all the negative comments it will invariably receive. I see a bunch of superficial things that are ""wrong" with the car but so what? They can be replaced and fixed relatively easily. I looked at the condition of the body, the correct type of engine (not Volvo or MGB) and clean chassis and see a car with a great deal of potential.
imho Hugh Pite
H.D. Pite

Whoever "restored" that car should have their tools taken away!! What a mess. George
George Butz

Me think this cars made out of parts. There are about 100 obvious things wrong with it, not including the TF seats.

But if you are in law enforcement then its your car :-)
Chris Couper

Hugh - I suppose for me the sin is that the dealer either does not know what he is selling, or chooses not to admit it. If the former he ought to do his research, if the latter, he should be shunned! I am always wary of people who provide virtually no description, but expect the pictures to tell the entire story.

When I sell a car I go out of my way to describe every wart I know of, and to offer any clarification I can in terms of condition, and give many suggestions how I would tackle a car or problem. If I am selling to a newbie I have a whole different path, and will question a buyer closely when the car does not seem appropriate to his level of skill or experience!

Jack - the plate is OK - the letters and numbers were stamped at different points on the line, and it is common for the LHX to be in a slightly smaller font than the rest of the stamping. This DOES show larger, early stamping for the chassis number, which I do not believe has been noted before.

Jack - would you kindly contact me off-line?

Many thanks. Tom

t lange

Does it look like the fuel tank is maybe vinyl clad?
J K Chapin

Jud - Yes!

No running board treads, either.

t lange

Mom always said if you have nothing nice to say...say nothing at all.
My pinhole is shut.
David Sheward TF1500 #7427

I count 20 distinct bidders bidding 44 times, from 0 to 1038 feedbacks. Up over $14,350 so far!

Dave - I wish I agreed with you - what we write could help a neophyte not make a BIG mistake. Although I suppose most buyers don't learn about this page until AFTER they have already made their mistake...

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Jud , your eyes are just as good as mine ( lol)

Gerard Hengeveld

Ok, what are the running boards made of? That is an odd pattern on the underside. Fiberglass?

I will say that the black fenders and the black old slotted rims do give it a different look. Would not say I hate the look.

The vinyl covering on the gas tank was a bit much. the lack of original center console and gauges is odd.

Wonder what the head lights are off of?
Bruce Cunha

Engine is from a '53 - it's TD2 21648.

Nothing wrong with a cobbled together car, but it's beyond me why someone would spend so much money and do so many things so clearly wrong!

Bobby Galvez

I just went through every picture. If you spent $15,000 on that car, you would have a $15,000 non numbers matching cobbled together car. This is not including the purchase price. There is a lot hiding under that nice paint. I would be very shocked if the wood is solid and there is rally metal under the doors.
D. Sander

Went back and looked at all pictures, and read the (hype)entire ad.....sorry mom...Tom, is right!

"Internet Special" ...???...meaning all the "pieces" came from the internet and assembled by a team of blind folks (one of which had actually seen a TD at some point many years before losing their sight)?
David Sheward TF1500 #7427

I am so sorry, I should not type when tired. What I was trying to convey is my opinion that after purchasing this car it would easily cost an additional $15,000 to make it a presentable car, but it would still be a miss-matched car cobbled together. It would cost far more than the car would be worth to buy it and make it presentable.
Just my $.02
D. Sander

Obviously you guys are not familiar with the early police interceptor package- the give away being the original factory code black and white paint and beefed up bumpers and lights!
J K Barter

I asked the seller about the engine number. Here is his response.

The motor we were advised was numbers matching. If you disagree then perhaps you are right. We are not MG experts for sure!
The running boards are metal from what we can tell.

I did not go into any more detail of the issues, but it does appear they are at least open to hearing about it.

Any ideas on the two bolts on the sides of the intake manifold?

Must have put some sort of undercoating on the fenders and running board, but it almost looks like it was put on with a notched trowel.
Bruce Cunha

It sold for $15,100. I would say the sellers are the luckiest people on earth.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

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