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MG TD TF 1500 - An Issue we need to keep on top of

Saw this e=bay TD.

Car appears to have been in a garage fire. It is obvious that the interior and dash are gone. Probably damage to frame wood.

Note that the car has a damage title which will not allow it to be titled or registered again. So in California, there is one less TD that can be put on the road.

I understand the reasons for damage and salvage titles. I would want to know if a used car I bought had severe damage, but this is a restorable vehicle that has no obvious damage that would make it not repairable.

In my state (Wisconsin) salvage title is based on the dollar amount of damage a car has and not by the actual type of damage. Luckily, even with a salvage title, you can get the car back on the road with an inspection.

We have to keep our legislatures educated to how some of these laws do not apply to some vehicles or at least there should be a system to get the title cleared if it can be shown the car was repaired.

I will get off my soap box now.

I agree, there should be a way to get a car from the non-repairable catagory to the "back-on-the road" catagory. After all Harrahs museum used to say "give us a nameplate and we will put a car under it".

Fortunately in my state all you need is a bill of sale to get it licensed then you have to get it inspected. Now antique cars only require inspection every two years. If you have restored the car inspection is not a problem.


R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

Good Morning Bruce
I've restored TD's in worse shape than this. This car appears to be a true Mark II, because of the andrex shocks and duel fuel pumps and gas lines at the tank. Send the steering wheel to Gordon Lawson and start the restoration now. The wood rails appear to be in good condition, because the garage is lifting it with them. Personally the buy it now price is, I believe, too high. You could probably buy a basket case with some new parts included for less. John

Wheww.... don't think I would trust raising the car on my wood tub rail (think they got one side right).... certainly looks like a 'Lucas' fire? Paint looks 'baked' off?

I think the buy it now price is pretty good. In a restoration you would be doing almost everything that is crisped anyway. I do believe that I would want to replace the wood throughout. Charred wood is like charcoal. And we all know that charcoal will absorb water very readily... which would be a problem on the surrounding metal.

It would be a pretty cool car, almost everything is there.

Dave Braun

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