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MG TD TF 1500 - An Unsolicited Thank You

I received my modified voltage regulator from Bob Jeffers and installed it today. It works great! No more relay adjustments, no more points to clean, just hook it up and go. Thanks, Bob, for a great product and quick turn-around!

Gene Gillam

Yep, several people in our club are running with Bob's modification. Totally reliable, and completely hidden, in both five and nine post housings.

Dave Braun

Bob did mine... Works great, one less thing to worry about!

J. McLeod

Is anyone in the UK offering a similar modified voltage regulator?

J Cowley

My NOS is working fine, but I know were it will go should it fail. Very nice.
BEC Cunha


Not that I'm aware of (I search the UK sites all the time for neat stuff). The price for this modification is so reasonable though that you would probably be money ahead even with shipping costs.
Gene Gillam

Bob has offerred to do the same for my archaic PA. The electrical system on the early MGs is primitave to say the least. He has already made this mod to a pre-war MG and it seems to be holding up.

Next step is to see if I can get a pertronix installed. But I probably should get the distributor overhauled first (new bearings, etc).

My priority will be just to get the moror running. It hasn't been turned over since 1986. God knows what surprises may be in store for me; THEN make the mods.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu
Gordon A Clark

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