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MG TD TF 1500 - Another E-bay to discuss

Very nice looking car- until you get to the engine. Not saying it could not have the low milage as stated, but it would appear it has not been kept up as well as the body. Note replaced lower door trim.

Posibly a cooling leak from the looks of the block. Why whould there be so much wear on the paint for the valve cover?

A vern nice looking car outside, but worth nearly $30,000? Not for my wallet.

Well, obviously a new interior, hood and tonneau. The interior is done pretty well, the hood and tonneau could be better. Also an exterior respray. Nothing probably done to the mechanicals except to make it driveable.

Too bad. The stuff they did will all need to come apart to make it truly a $30,000 car, and I would say they are about $15,000 away, and then you would be piecing together a previously installed interior and what not.

If you do all those things in place the best you can (not really restoring the chassis, just restoring stuff on the chassis) it might be worth $20,000 when you are done. Engine, gearbox, brakes, steering, suspension.

Dave Braun

Rough looking engine compartment, incorrect: fuel pump, fuel lines, replacement generator, painted gas tank ends, TF rear bumper (two center bolts- for tag bracket), etc. Wood? If runs well could be a decent driver. I think there are nicer ones out there for $15K. George
George Butz

Hi Guys,

This could very well be a classic "Lipstick on a Pig" scenario... The mechanicals have the appearance of being completely ignored, and "buyer beware" would certainly fit here... Why indeed would the seller go to all the trouble of making a "pretty" car, knowing that as soon as the bonnet was opened - a gasp, followed by a sigh, would come from any prospective buyer... The possibility of facing $5,000 + for rebuilding the engine, steering, suspension, transmission, brakes, etc., etc, is the great unknown with this car... I suppose they are "baiting the hook" for an uneducated buyer...


Rod Macleod - TF 1500 HDB46/6798 ("Molly")
Rod Macleod

Gee, front bumper on upside down?
Whats wrong with that generator...doesn't look like a stock one (at least like mine)?
Well, wouldn't have any SU fuel pump problems!
What is attached to the driver's side bonnet/hood back near the tub?
Broken glass on the temp/oil gauge...$30,000... hello? And unless they had it running in the showroom (doubt it), the temp gauge is gone?
Gas tank chrome edges painted over?
Missing (?) right hand mirror
Black piping...arrgh!
Why is there a 'hidem' strip running across the panel above the sidecurtain box?


At least the word 'Concours' (usually and erroneously termed 'Concourse') has not been proffered in the write up on this occasion !!!


Rob Grantham

I think it needs big white walls !!!!!!
Steve Wincze

In addition, paint job looks cheap; lots of orange peel, not much gloss. Chrome on grill and windscreen frame looks pretty tired, and the shut lines on the drivers-side door do not befit a $30,000 car.

This looks comparable to TD 27890 that I bought last year for $12,250, except my paint is better, my engine bay is MUCH better, and much of my chrome is new. Plus, my car runs and drives well and I don't have any broken glass on my instruments. In all fairness, my car has plenty of defects too, but I'm not trying to sell it for $30,000.


Allen Bachelder

Guys, it does have the option of "make an offer"! Nobody is going to pay 30 grand for this car, but I bet he's going to get alot of offers. I put a bookmark on it so I can check back next week and see if it sold. I don't remember if ebay will display the accepted offer or just say sold or unsold. Someone went to the touble and expense of putting in a nice interior and trimming as well as new paint and piping, so at the very least the fenders were off of the car. They certainly would have benefitted from pulling the engine and at least freshening it up! It looks like the proverbial pig in a poke! If I was in the market, I'd probably offer around 10K for it-but only with a personal inspection-for all we know the engine could be filled with sawdust! Not to mention the tub.
Steve Tobias

Ok, it does bring up one question. I put my headlight bracket bolts on with the nut to the back. As I remember, the front of the bracket has a larger diameter hole to accound for the sholder on the bolt.

So, either he has a different bolt in it or the headlight brackets are on the wrong side. Which actually is tought to do.

Bruce, You have a very good eye! If you didn't mention it and if that didn't cause me to study the picture, I would never have noticed. I don't remember about a shoulder, although I'm sure that you are correct. I aggree, the nut should be in the back.
steve tobias

To me the right side bracket appears okay with the nut not showing. THe drivers side is wrong and could be caused by someone welding the ears back on the bracket but getting them reversed leaving the only way to insert bolt is from the rear.
conrad sanders

Not Ebay.. but good price..

There was a very nice 57 magnett on e-bay out of calif that went just under $8,000. Really nice looker for the pictures they had. Chrome wires, new interior.

Now... just did they get the engine UPSIDE down ??
OH YEA !! its a picture... <grin>

Perhaps its a 'sidevalve' engine?

Hello. And Bye. Sex love for allr. Very sory from poland . Sex

Not a KIT? Not a repo..? a V-6 ?
Think again...

The real issue is that it sat for 2 years in storage. So most likely needs a carb rebuild (cork) and a complete brake overhaul.

larry Ayres

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