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MG TD TF 1500 - Another eBay TD/C

An interesting white TD/C is just abut to close on eBay right now, 130497549063, a mild California hot-rod. Described as fully restored, it has bobbed fenders with omitted running boards, a padded dash (crash safety?), and is described as a very nice running car. It is missing the front Andrex shocks, one fuel pump (apparently) and the original carbs, but it seems as though a good deal of time and trouble have been put into making this a nice car. A few small things are incorrect and a couple of the instruments have been replaced with S/W units, but could easly be returned to stock. The seller is honest and has sold well-described T-series cars on eBay before, although he does not claim to be a T-series specialist. The car is at $17,000 which seems all the money.

t lange

Yeah Tom, This seems like a high price for a car that needs an awful lot to be put right. Crummy looking mottled naugahide interior, kelvinater white paint, butchered fenders, etc. I do like the steering wheel rim (not the color of the center, however)!
Steven Tobias

I agree - maybe I was using that phrase wrong. I thought "all the money" meant a LOT of money, not a fair price. On the other hand, the seller describes it as "gound-up restored three years ago", new tires, excellent chrome, very nice paint, drives beautifully, quiet gears, good oil pressure, tight suspension, no rattles. Nicer than a lot of pie-in-the-sky eBay cars, nicely photographed and honestly described!

It all depends on what someone wants. As a period piece that can be driven without fear it's sort of fun; as a serious car to put back to stock, it's a lot of work. I once owned (but didn't myself modify) a TF with cycle fenders and a bent-back gearshift lever, that got nothing but scorn from the MG community. I thought it had a rakish and jaunty look to it.

I noted the Kelvinator more as a TD/C than as a beautiful car. It has sold for $22,100!!!!!

t lange

Good day lads:

I must concur with the expert, negative, comments attributed to the car, as I am not familiar with the TD/C unit. In fact, I don't recall ever seeing one in my-neck-of-the-woods. But, I as am not in any MGCC, I reckon, I can use that as my insipid excuse.

As far as the steering wheel, centre colouring is concerned, mine is much darker brown with a flatter showing lustre (probably due to ageing).

The swirling effect, of the rim, is quite similar but it, as well, has a wee bit more of the brown toning mixed into its make up.

Cheers then; respectfully:
Jack Emdall, TD3191, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada


As they say, it's a free country! I just don't understand why someone would expend the time and energy to restore a car to a fairly high standard and do it in such a way as to hurt its marketability. I guess $17000 is nothing to sneeze at, but an authentic Mark II probably would have taken in more. I remember a two tone yellow and green TD/John Deere that had popped up several times...a car that would have had really wide appeal if it didn't have such an outragious color scheme! And Tom, you were probably ahead of your time, as cycle fenders seem to be all the rage now!
Steven Tobias

Personally, I like the bobbed fenders. They were a period modification, too, if that sort of thing makes a difference to anyone.

I think they should have radiused the leading edge of the rear fenders to match, though.

Still, agree that it is a lot of money for a modified car. And apparently unsympathetically so, given the kit car dash and vinyl seats. You have to wonder who would buy it and for what purpose.
David Littlefield

I'm not sure that if that white TD had running boards, stock fenders and the original dash, that as a straight Mark II it should have sold for $17,000.

That car was sold to "an old customer in France". Chacqu'un a son gout, I suppose. I'd rather have the TD than a jereboam of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1982!

And thanks, Steve; I seem always to be one beat ahead - or behind... I recently sold a Honda Insight for $2500, and a few weeks later I saw it sold on eBay for almost $7,000! 58 mpg is pretty attractive right about now.

t lange

I agree on the bobbed fenders. If I find a body man with that skill I'll have it done AND radialize the rear ones, too, and try to put Inskipp chrome bits there as well. As to the steering wheel, THAT effect is pure Mark II. As it happens, I have a NOS Mk II wheel that I just decided to part with. I was going to trade it with my cracked one but I always intended to cover with matching (to the interior) leather, so, what would be gained? Someone here expressed an interest about a month ago. Still?

John Redman
Gardiner, NY

John Redman

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