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MG TD TF 1500 - Another Interesting TD Ebay Listing - Let the Fun

Can you believe this description? Wrong engine, wrong instruments (but they are in good shape, it says)!

No mention of the engine replacement.

steering wheel is "perfect"!


Wonder what engine it is - and it's the first time I've seen SUs with the float bowls placed between the carb bodies.

It's .... ummmm .. eclectic.

Bobby Galvez

I'm jealous of the leather seats.
Gene Gillam

The engine is a BMC B-series engine, probably from a Farina MG or Riley? They had SUs with the float bowls placed between the carb bodies.
Willem van der Veer

It could also be out of a MGA (1500) or a MGB (1800) or a whole plethora of other cars, including the Nash Metropolitan. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Willem, the car you link to has HIF4 carbs with the integral floats underneath the carb body. I've looked on Google at a good number of earlier Magnettes with the HS series carbs and all have the float bowls on the outside.

Still puzzled by the carb setup in that TD in the first post. Was that arrangement ever used?

Bobby Galvez

My guess is that it's a plain ol' B-series engine but with the carbs on the wrong sides. Someone might have done that to make the T-series linkage fit. I wonder if the seller is aware that it's an incorrect engine?

Interesting that people regularly try to sell cars on eBay with only a few pictures and no useful information. I wonder what they expect?
S Maas

"We have the right to end the auction early if in fact it does sale."

Whale...I'm guessing he'd be as surrr..prised as anyone if it it did... but come does have the Tia Jana custom diomand tuck and roll :-)
MG LaVerne

Not a bad looking car if you neglect the seats. Probably is a good highway speed driver with that engine for a heck of a lot less USD than trying to get a pedestrian XPAG up to the same performance - supercharger, billet crank, upgraded rods, roller tappet cam, Laystall head not to mention a 5-speed conversion.
Hugh Pite
H.D. Pite

Anyone make anything out of these numbers on the head? PJ


I agree, Hugh... and at least the PO kept "in the family" with the BMC B-series motor, too.
Kevin McLemore

Black instruments? Middle ones look like stewart Warner, Not sure if the Speedo and Tach are Triumph? Not sure what the rear view mirror is out of.
Bruce TD4139 Cunha

I love this type of thread. They are like a MG owners version of the "spot the difference" puzzles our grandchildren do. Please keep them coming!

Jan T
J Targosz


The Magnette MK3 and 4 have SU HD4 carburettors with central floats, as on the picture that I borrowed from Joe Curto's website:

So yes, at least a similar setup was used.

Willem van der Veer

and the picture....

Willem van der Veer

I'm pretty sure the ones on the TD are HD4's, too. (as the sold Magnette in the linked ad, they are not HIF4's)

Willem van der Veer

Looks like most of what were looking at was done in the late 50s or early 60s. The sheet metal looks like it's in pretty good shape, if it's not all Bondo! As we all know, these cars weren't worth very much back then, quite a few were scattered around the country in junk yards. I would think the value depends on just how much the car was cut up over the years. Be nice to see underneath it. PJ

Thank you, Willem!
Never having seen that setup before my eye went right to it.
As you said earlier the entire engine was probably taken from one car and laced into the TD.
Whatever it took to keep the car going, that is how it happened at times.

Bobby Galvez

The owner is asking $16K on Craigslist.
Roy Challberg

I sent an email to him yesterday asking about the response.
Gene Gillam

Gene, I got one back. He is selling for a family and has no real knowledge of the car or what it should be. I told him the car should be priced a lot lower. this is the price the owners family wants. Personally that is the ugliest interior I have ever seen in a TD and I have seen some of the realy bad ones, aligator skin and scotch mixed colors. my car came in what I called early deer hunting blaze orange. damn ugly. Hope to see you in March....
TRM Maine

Down to 12K now. With the wrong engine and possibly transmission, 7K? PJ

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