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MG TD TF 1500 - Another one in the big money range

Just saw this listed on ebay, referring to the other TD auctioned at big money some time ago. Sure looks good, but high expectations nonetheless....

# 281046734966

Mike Fritsch

...well, if you want a TD with the wrong seat leather.....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Texans dream BIG
David Werblow

Interesting that the body welting is black and not body colored. That is the way I did my car as well but I was always told this welting should have been painted.

At any rate, I would take exception that my 'backyard' restoration would be considered 'junk'.

I think this guy is just a little full of himself or full of something if you know what I mean.
L Rutt

Ok, he asked for it with statements like "better than the $71,000 car" "perfect" and won't find better".
I'll leave the bs about the market taking off but will address the issues I saw with the car:
1. I'd tags were not nickel plated.
2. Door and bonnet fit was less than "perfect"
3. Spare tire carrier was painted black, not body color
4. Wrong seat leather.
5. Grille slats did not match the interior
6. Dent in the horn cover
7. Aftermarket tappet cover.
9. Wrong paint on instrument panel
10. Beautiful (but wrong) dash.
11. Chromed headlight bracket.

Nice car, but not worth that price.
D. Sander

12. Choke knob is incorrect
13. Headlight switch is replacement with the window
14. Chromed washers under front splash apron screws are too large
15. Center dash panel screws should be black
15. Weird emergency brake boot
16. Thermostat housing should be painted
17. Un-painted gas tank end panels

Not sure about number 9 above; looks bronze to me.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Learn something new every day:
"correct factory approved Vredestein tires."
I had no idea someone at the M.G. factory could "approve" tires!
(My guess would be if they did ...they would approve "tyres")

Have to wonder if it comes with "factory approved hip-boots"? A pair would come in handy to wade through all the BS.

IMHO: Nice car, but the "hype" is a real turn-off.
Decent example with some "liberties" taken in the restoration.

"Desirable factory custom Primrose Yellow Color"???
Don't get me wrong, I like the coloure, (very close to what mine is) but come on ..."Ivory" & "Primrose Yellow" are not the same thing.

David Sheward

We could go on and on - the horn button/dimmer switch is incorrect for a 53, the oil filter housing is incorrect color and the "car is a TD2"???? The engine is a XPAG/TD2/... but the car is a straight TD. Unfortunately, someone will probably fall for all the hyperbola and pay the price. Cheers - Dave
Daved DuBois

If I am not mistaken, this car has been on Ebay off and on for a year or so. Way to much for this car.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

#9 above, the bronze looks to be the wrong shade, and has too much gloss to me.
D. Sander

One of the float chamber lids is wrong- they should be mirror images. Still a decent car, maybe $30K? Yes, this one has been for sale off and on for a while- the seats always remind me. George
George Butz

Tom, You're right . This TD has become a permanent fixture on ebay.
That car is unremarkable other than the fact that the seller thinks it's a $44,000 car.

Bobby Galvez

The real tradigy here is that whom ever buys the car for close to the asking price will not have known enough about MGs to know of this site.
David Werblow

George, not sure about that symmetrical float bowl statement. I've seen too many that were asymmetrical, including my own, to wonder which is correct. I did eventually source a symmetrical set though because it fit the fuel hoses better.

"Never hosed washed but sponge and bucket only."

"Five New correct factory approved Vredestein tires."

Crud. I take a hose to mine all the time. I hope we put the paint on well enough to make it stick, and what is this about factory approved tires?


Dave Braun

Think I said this last time this one came up:

"All electricals correct; new and work 100%."
"Original factory clock has stopped working."

David Sheward

I'm constantly amazed by the level of detail this crowd can bring to the discussion. And the sharp eyes in detecting them (like the dent in the horn cover, I would only have spotted less than half of them..). It's a constant learning experience !

I guess I asked for it, so there' s a chance to verify a few details (agree with most of the points mentioned):

Chrome headlight brackets - I thought these are optional but not necessarily period wrong ?

Tank end caps- my knowledge was that chrome is the original, not painted (only the rusty ones got painted later ?)

Center dash panel screws - black ? I thought these are just plain metal (maybe plated..)

And what does #1 mean ? The factory plate looks like brass to me, not plated ?

Horn covers - would those not be chromed as well ? Mine are and look worn enough to be original ;-)

Great start of the day !!!
Mike Fritsch

Mike -

Chrome headlight brackets were not factory
Tank end covers were chromed and then the large central panel was painted
I just looked at 3 original TD dashes and the screws are not painted, but black - like anodized
The factory ID plate is supposed to be flash-nickel plated, not brass
Horn covers were painted black, not chromed

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Dave B, The origianl SU part number on the rear lid is 1161, and the front is 1160. I researched this during my restorationm (factory photos, etc.), and had a really hard time finding an original 1161. You are correct that the hoses fit better with matching front ones, as the origianl rear puts the banjo very close to the horn, and at least the repro center fuel line is almost too short. Go figure. Of course I painted my center panel bolts the same tan as the panel, because I thought the black was just ugly! George
George Butz


some years ago, I imported a bone stock 1953 one owner TD with 29K Mls clocked from Wisconsin. The car was never restored and in driving condition although the color showed it's age and the hide on the seats had started to burst and fall apart, as the the rubber parts on the chassis.
On this car, the bolt heads of the aux dash panel were not painted and the colour of of the center dash panel was a brighter light bronze metallic than on the car offered on eBay. The tank side molds were also factory painted, leaving a small chrome ring around and the spare tyre rack was the same colour as the body. Horns were all silk black and the valve cover in a silver metallic finish but the side cover still had it's original MG engine red coating present.
Compared to the shiny eBay offer, it looked a little dull but everything was still original but the dynamo, that had been renewed in 1957 and the 'new' white wall tyres that came in the late 1970's.
Just drop me a mail for pics if interested.


41751 Viersen & 26553 Ne▀mersiel

R.S. Ralph Siebenhaar

I agree with everyone's comments the guy's certainly full of himself!
CJ Harvey

Thanks George! I was basing my assumptions on page 103 of Harvey's The Immortal T Series, where the TD carbs are asymmetrical, and the TC carbs are symmetrical, and Clausager, page 68.

And I just looked at pictures of eight TD H2 sets done in the past year in my shop... And they all had the asymmetrical lids.

But like I said, I sourced the elusive 1161 as well.


Dave Braun

The carb float bowels can be either asymmetrical or symmetrical. I have seen both on original cars. You can see picks of both plus my car (asymmetrical) here.
Chris Couper

Chris - I know I and I'm sure others have sent you corrections on your excellent Original MG TD page during the past few years; any chance those corrections could be made? If you disagree with them or need confirmation, this forum would be happy, I'm sure, to argue them out.

My comments related particularly to the TD/C cars.

Tom Lange
t lange

Just piling on:

* no front splash piping
* Looks like the cowl hood rubber is not resting on the cowl like it should be but recessed
* There's paint on the rubber of the hood bumpers (I won't start the debate on black or body color)
* no clamps on the air filter elbow
* windshield rubber flap not cut correctly at ends
* battery bracket 'j' rods unpainted
* incorrect positive battery cable
* water temp conductor not strapped to radiator stay and not coiled at radiator
* unused bolts on valve cover not painted black
* oil filter wrong color
* horns not mounted correctly
* incorrect dash screws and washers
* front A frames body color instead of black
* top lip of battery box no longer exists (common)
* incorrect carb to carb fuel line
* front float bowl overflow line positioned incorrectly
* rubber hose on the end of the fuel line to fuel pump
Chris Couper

Makes me feel better about my car, though....
Very interesting new feature on Hagerty's web site, that estimates the value of any collector car....
Shows the values of the TD's in the #1, 2 , 3, and 4, condition....All might take a look...Not good news for some of us, but a wake up call.
"T's" are real collector cars, and we have to promote that...
Here's the link:

E.B. Wesson

I'm biased but I'd put TD 25009 in the mid to high 2 range. Apparently I paid pretty much market for it. I'm happy.
J K Chapin

if $17,553 is average, that seems to be correct for what I would think many of our cars are around. I know I have a lot more into mine given the 40 years I have owned it.

Bruce Cunha

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