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MG TD TF 1500 - Another one-off TD, but for sale

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Was bought in the UK for much less, and was listed multiple times on eBay at $100,000 with nothing but laughter. It is without a doubt one of the least attractive race cars of all time...

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Amazing how you can build a beauty like the Arnolt coupe and this ugly contraption on the same chassis (and let's not forget the standard body which sets the standard for good looks :-)

Mike Fritsch

<<Finished in green with matching interior & wearing a cool set of 16" Dunlop Racing Wheels & Michelin X tires>>

You gotta love those flowery descriptions. if I'm not mistaken that cool set of Dunlop Racing Wheels are nothing other than a set of MG Y wheels, perforated and painted silver. Slapping on a Dunlop decal probably makes them a cool set?
The narrow five lug pattern is a further indication that Y parts were used instead of TD parts. Not that that's a bad thing because the Y shamed the TC on roadholding.
Wasn't the TD prototype a shortened Y-type chassis with a TC body strapped onto it?

Looks aside, this car (that sold for around GBP 19,000 at auction) is an important survivor from that era. If you want to see ugly look at an early Marcos!

Willem van der Veer

picture of the Lester MG

Willem van der Veer

Picture of an Y wheel (from eBay)

Willem van der Veer

Willem: Thank you for clearing up the wheel issue for me.

Could not this whole car be built on a Y chassis? The Car No. plate is a reproduction so that is no proof its a TD chassis.

Note also it uses early gauges but the engine is from late 1952.

Chris Couper

I think the Lester has a tailor made (tubular?) chassis with a mix of MG engine and suspension bits.

Here's more info on the car and Lester:
Willem van der Veer

I can find little to state this was an actual TD chassis.

Its specification includes aluminium coachwork on a steel frame; 1,466cc MG TC-based engine; Laystall aluminium cylinder head; balanced crankshaft, con-rod and pistons, full race camshaft; rack-and-pinion steering; lightened flywheel; Derrington exhaust; TC transmission; twin fuel pumps; and an electric cooling fan. Finished in green with matching interior, 'GUO 209' is described as in generally good condition, and is offered with invoices and photographs relating to the 1993 body restoration,

I am not going to add it the MGTD variants pages until I see more evidence it started out life as a MGTD. Plus it's so ugly it would ruin the look of the page :-)
Chris Couper

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