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MG TD TF 1500 - Another Port

Gimmie a break ... I love to tinker.
I took my suction cup mounted iPhone holder and modified it. It now lays flat and is held securely in place by one dash screw.
Since my steering wheel obscures my view of the speedometer, this nice big digital display is easy to see and read.

Mort 50 TD

I wired in a Dual USB Port.
I am going to experiment with some of the GPS mapping programs on the iPhone and perhaps eliminate the Garmin.

Mort 50 TD

What's the other thing on the window and doesn't it obstruct the view? Radar maybe?
efh Haskell

Overall view.

Mort 50 TD

That's my Garmin and although it appears to block my vision, it doesn't. When I drive I see the front of the hood above the GPS. Doesn't block it at all.
And because of where it is, it is very easy to focus on without moving my head. Just a quick glance down is all it takes.
Mort 50 TD

I like the headrests!
I've ordered an accessory plug to fit the dash acc thingies, and I'll wire that to fit a USB charger. I'll run my Nokia 920 on it... which will run my gps/mapping app - no need for 2 devices! Apart from having the best drive app around, the screen reads better in sunlight than any other phone. The touch screen also works better (you can wear gloves.)
So there, take that, iPhone fan :)
Just joking of course, every man to his own toys!!!
Geoffrey M Baker

This thread was discussed on 15/05/2014

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