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MG TD TF 1500 - Another What's Wrong

Can anyone see something that doesn't look quite right in the attached photograph. It isn't the side the steering wheel is on or anything to do with colours.

Jan T

J Targosz

The gear shift lever.

Yes, T9 conversion without the dog leg gear lever conversion?
Dave H
Dave Hill

I know the answer to this. Here is a clue

IW Martin

The fat steering wheel. Bud
Bud Krueger

Nobody is driving it.

M Magilton

Only things that stand out to me without blowing up the image are it's missing the side curtain snap and there is some kind of chrome ring around the drivers side wiper knob. And yes...the steering wheel looks a bit thick.

L E D LaVerne

Left side kick panel has very sharp bends.
Dan Nordstroom

Smaller diameter steering wheel
L E D LaVerne

Seat backs are square edged on top. Most have a rounded top back

Oh yea and the FAT steering wheel.
Wish I had one like it. My hands are too big for the stock one.
M Grogan

You made me laugh Matthew.. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

The shed's clean? well, compared to mine it is.
Don TF 4887 TC 1736 SA 1018
Don Walker

No holes in the door top for the side screen?
Ian Bowers

The steering wheel is smaller in diameter and has a slightly thicker rim.

The plastic on my original one was badly split and pieces were missing. I decided to fit a wood rimmed one and liked the smaller diameter and thicker rim. However I became fed up with people asking if the wheel was original and a number of car enthusiasts saying they hoped I kept the original one so I could fit it some day.

I thus decided to repair an original wheel but reduce the diameter and thicken up the rim. I stripped off the broken plastic and reduced the size of the metal frame. I then made a new, smaller rim from wood and used this to make a mould from fibre glass for casting resin. It took four days to make the mould and five minutes to pour the resin.

The feel of the new wheel is great and it does look very similar to an original.

Jan T

J Targosz

A picture of the rear of the wheel

J Targosz

Well, its a brilliant job that I wouldn't hope to emulate as well.
Dave H
Dave Hill

I think you may have a new business opportunity there Jan.

M Magilton

Very impressive! Seeing how a big complaint about the original wheel is the 17 inch diameter and small rim thickness, there should be a good market for your creation. Very nice Jan! PJ
PJ Jennings

Jan T. Excellent. Marbleize the rim and you have a total winner.
Christopher Couper

Hi Chris,
I agree that a marbelised rim would be the icing on the cake. I purchased all the materials from a firm in Glasgow called Allscot Plastics. They are suppliers to the Glasgow School of Art and are real experts in colouring and casting resin. They have seen the marble effect but couldn't help with a suitable pigment. If anyone can advise on how this can be done I am certain many would be interested. This would be useful to those repairing wheels. It is a simple job to fill cracks and splits with polyurethane filler and being able to cover these with marbelised effect paint would be great. A coat of two pack lacquer would finish the job off.

J Targosz

The original rims were made of celluloid. The marble effect was achieved by adding a few chips of a contrasting colour to the bulk and mixing just sufficiently to get the streaks. Relatively easy with a high viscosity material but more difficult with casting resin. One of the Companies that restores steering wheels uses casting resin as you did and then paints them to get the marble effect - there is a video on YouTube, but not of the painting step.
Dave H
Dave Hill

I plan on trying to marble a spare wheel with an airbrush. There is also a method of marbling using a feather that I've used before with good results. I'm sure there is a YouTube video on how to do marbling.

Tim Burchfield

I had hoped to be able to buy an aerosol that I could simply spray on the rim and produce the correct marbelised effect. I had to by three types of resin. One was a gell coat which was very thick and was used to initially coat the pattern, the other was normal resin used to saturate fibreglass cloth to make the mould and casting rein was used to form the final rim. This was very fluid and I don't think the marble streaks could be produced in this

Jan T
J Targosz

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