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MG TD TF 1500 - Anti-sway bar for TD - Austin Healey part

I did a search on anti-sway bars for a TD and came across several of Denis L Baggi's threads who prefers using Austin Healey parts, an idea from Carl Cederstrand.

I have tried making contact with Denis and Carl via email but haven't received a response. I understand many people use MGB parts, however I would like to know more about the Austin Healey parts and installation before I decide which parts to use. Can anyone provide me some information using Austin Healey parts and installation?

Thank you for any help anyone can provide.

Michael Marini
Sheboygan, WI
M Marini

B parts are readily available and I have them on my car. They work fine. You do need to get the lower A arm that has the hole for the bolt to run thru that is on the stabilizer bar. There are two sized available I think. I believe mine is the 5/8 size. DOes add stability to the car in cornering and everyone that has installed them comments on this.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Michael, if you look in the Moss Motors Catalog for the MGB's they sell a kit to install the anti-sway bar in cars that didn't come with it. I am pretty sure it will also install on the TD's, TF's, without a problem.

Richard Taylor TD3983

Thanks to Tom and Richard. I am aware of using the MGB parts. I am trying to find out something about using the Austin Healey parts and that installation. I may just end up using the MGB parts, but would like to find out about using the Healey option if possible.

M Marini

I helped a guy with a TD do that with Healey parts 20 years ago. Notably we used the Healey rear shock links. The early short ones. With a bit of effort and time I might be able to get a picture. He's in Wisconsin, as am I.

Peter Caldwell

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