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MG TD TF 1500 - antifreeze

The antifreeze type thing was covered a few years back, but I don't recall any recent discussion. Went to buy some for the TD, and the two nearby parts stores just have the extended life types now (orange?). I recall this was thought to disolve the solder in our old radiators? There was also a link to a chart showing all types of antifreeze in detail which I can't find either. Any thoughts? Thanks, George
George Butz

Good memory, George. You want the regular antifreeze (green stuff), not the extended life antifreeze (orange). Look in the archives for:

"Extended Life anti-freeze?"

Larry Shoer

does any one know if there are any changes to this subject? the most recent of those articles is from 2002. a lot can happen in 6 years. there are new formula extended life antifreezes marketed since 2002. any updated info would be appreciated. regards, tom
tm peterson

I have had Ext. Life anti freeze in mt TF for 11 years without any problems. The stuff is as clean and clear as it was the day I put it in. Never have overheat problems even on 90+ days.
Works for me.
Colin Stafford 1

Antifreeze (glycol) are what are called wak organic acids.Different formulations use diffrent compounds, which if mixxed will compete rendering them ineffective. The prime issue with anti-freezes is not to mix types, which will render them useless. Larry is right (9 wouldn't presume to disagree with his chemistry background) he old stuff green was designed for soldered radiators, the newer compounds are designed for the newer materials especially aluminum. This insight was gained when I ws a manger of the municpal emergency fleet when new anti-freezes were introduced. this ws he opinion of a highly priced MIT consultant, and we nver had a problems with a very much older and mixxed flet. Take home use what was made for your vehcile (OEM rencommnedation and what was available at the time of manafcture)
Jon Levine

This thread was discussed on 22/02/2008

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