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MG TD TF 1500 - Any legroom tricks in a TD tub?

Hi everyone:

Well, the first weekend with 27991 was pretty fine; we've got some teething problems to work out, but things are good.

However, I'm wondering whether any of you have dealt with the issue of not having enough legroom. Is there any way to re-contour the seat back in order to get 2 more inches between the seat back and the pedals?

A pair of flat-soled shoes almost does it, but I still need a bit more.


Dave Jorgensen

You probably already have done this, but make sure the pedal extensions are off, and make sure the seat back is all the way back butting the tie bar area. The car looks awesome!! George
George Butz

A little thing, but it makes a big difference for me... The wing nut that holds the front side curtain hits me right on the side of the knee. We made it a wing-bolt instead, with an embedded nut behind the chromed plate. You can't tell there is anything unusual about it when it is in place. With it stored in the glovebox, I can keep my left leg up between the steering wheel and the door.
Safety? Fast?
Scott Ashworth - '54 TF (6'2")

S. R. Ashworth

Here are the components:

S. R. Ashworth

What is the end result that you are looking for,,,, just to be able to drive "straight legged"? I removed the under dash cover,,, it allows more knee room....

Steve Wincze

Dave, I pulled my material in my seat back quite tight, and added contouring in the middle to get the depth needed. Then I ditched the hinges that hold the seats to the seat back. finally, I pulled the material in the seats really tight to drop my rear lower. I have my seat back as far and as upright just about as it goes. As stated here, I also removed the pedal extensions.

That's about the most someone can do.

Dave Braun

I raised the back up to where the seat is back against the floor wall. Then adjusted the back angle more towards the rear. Not a lot, but gained me some additional room.
Bruce Cunha

I don't use the rear chrome seat angle adjusters... just levt the turnbolts off....the seat goes back another inch...
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Notwithstanding that conversations about safety and the MGTD are mutually exclusive...

I would recommend against removing the rear chrome seat angle adjusters, unless of course you have something else holding down the seatbacks.

Then again there are those that recommend against fitting seatbelts, hoping to escape the car in case of an accident. By removing the chrome seat angle adjusters you might just decide to take the seat back with you upon your excursion away from the moving vehicle. Sort of a pre-war type airbag, I guess.

Mark A. Sherman

Mark - I thought that if I removed the chrome seat adjusters, I could just duct tape the back of the seat to the rollbar.

Thanks everyone - I'm trying to think how I can change the seat configuration so that I can get a 600-mile-a-day car. I've got the engine, driveline, and suspension - I just need the ergs to go with it.


ps: Another way to do it would be to have a hand throttle - anybody have experience with that one?

Dave Jorgensen

Although maybe not very practical in your climate, down here I drive barefoot, and now even when going to a "shoes required" occasion I take my shoes off and pull them next to the seat under my legs. It allows me to easily (and safely!) stretch my left leg out completely straight under the clutch pedal once at cruising speed plus to be honest with shoes on I worry about getting them caught up in the pedals. Give it a try - you might be surprised. .... Chris
Chris Malcolm (TD 29228)

Guaranteed double your legroom! Not a hand throttle …but hand clutch works for me.
All you need is a dark country road, a motorcycle and a combine. Worked for me!
(Shut up David ….sorry, couldn’t resist…again LOL)
David Sheward

I found a pair of really thin canvas sneakers that are very much like drving speed I rest my left foot against the tunnel
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)


That's not a hand throttle, it's an early version of cruise control. I used to have one on a 48 Chevy sedan.

James Neel TD28423

I had the same problem with the side-curtain wing nut. It would feel like a hole was being punched in the left side of my knee. When I first encountered the problem, I taped a piece of foam rubber to my leg. This worked, but I had to give up on the approach because my wife complained that it looked strange when I climbed out of the car.

Although not really necessary on the passenger side,I finally had matdhing brass knobs made. Rather than the wing nut protrusions, the knob presented a flat surface that doesn't dig into my lleg.

M Prince

My left knee rests on the door handle ball.....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I think that when I took the pedal extensions off, I reversed at least one of the pedals to spread them apart further. They are very close together, and I couldn't safely drive without having the soles of my shoes clash and interfere with each other.

I found I can't drive with Nike's on, but I finally bought some leather athletic (looking)shoes made by Rockport. They look like trainers, but have a very thin sole and nothing protruding on the sides. Also found shows called Pikolinos from Spain on sale cheap that are similar.

These shoes are terrible for walking, you feel every grain of sand, but I carry my Nike's if I am walking much afterwards.

They are essentially driving shoes and give you more leg room as well as being safer.
L Ayres

I'll bet those guys on Overhaulin' or Pimp My Ride could come up with something involving a cutting torch & a welder that would move that sheet metal behind the seat back about 6" in about 5 minutes! Yea, I know the wheel wells would need to be chopped as well and the tires probably wouldn't fit anymore. Just wondering if anybody here has ever seen such an attempt? With my car apart the temptation is really there! Maybe it's good I don't know how to weld:(
efh Haskell

Once your in, there is a lot of space? You will never get 'straight arm' driving no matter what you do... I found pulling the wheel closer to me made everything fit a bit better.... I'm 6'4" and have lots of room... Where I would like more space is to the left of the clutch....!!!!!
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Finally a benefit to being 5'8" and wearing size 9s!!
J A Mathis


I've often wondered if the thin-shell buckets from something like a TR3 would add any legroom in a TD. The idea would be to sit maybe an inch or two lower. I'm 6'3" and have removed the pedal adjusters and mover the seat all the way back. It is okay, but not what one would call roomy.

The bucket idea would be consistent with the way you have set up your car. Btw, I really like it and have made many of the same mods to my own TD, but I am holding back on the cycle wings even though I have them.

Tom Balutis

What do the chrome seat adjusters look like? There were none on my TF when I bought it. I'm 5'9" and have to bring the seat forward just a smidge. PJ
P S Jennings

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