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MG TD TF 1500 - Any Sparkies on Duty

Turn the TF ignition on and both rear tail /indicator lights start blinking.


G Mills

Hi George, Check the grounding of the fuel pump and the battery. Tom
tom scott

Bad ground / bad flasher / miswired fkasher?
Geoffrey M Baker

Has the indicator barrel or lever managed to twist out of alignment? Have you done anything with the wiring lately?

M Magilton

Have not done anything to the wiring, I think it is the flasher relay, took the cover off and only one of the contacts seem to be operating.


G Mills

Done all the checks I am capable of doing and still not working, not sure on the indicator switch does this switch return / cancel to off by itself ? mine does.
I read with interest that you can make an indicator relay using modern relays, the type of relays were mentioned but a search on the net failed to find any, does anyone know if Bosch make them or has any Australian TF owners done this modification.
the relays in the article were listed as Radio shack 12v VDC / 5Amp DPDT Plug in type or also available in 10 amp.
Any assistance greatly appreciated .
Have taken advice and now I am on my 5th stubbie. LOL


G Mills

Hi George,
try there is an article which will give you all the info on making a new relay set.
hope this helps
Ray TF 2884

PS stubbies only work if they are "Old Speckled Hen"
Ray Lee

You said "both rear" front ones are not doing this? Also: "not done anything to the wiring".
I would think if flasher or relay fronts would be doing this also.
IMHO: Bad ground in rear lamps or chance did this happen right after washing the car?
Wiring and rear sockets dry?
Just a thought.
David Sheward

Yes if they are flashing it must involve the flasher circuit but if the fronts aren't flashing then there is another problem too...
Geoffrey M Baker

If the car uses the DB10 flasher relay, that means that the brake lights are also the rear turn signals. The front indicators are on a different part of the circuit, otherwise the front indicators would come on whenever the brakes were depressed.
It is entirely likely that the fault lies within the relay box. Clean each pair of contacts and note any that are stuck together. This can happen as a result of arcing at the contacts which eventually get welded together. If this is the case, the result will be exactly as described. Usually the contacts can be cleaned and straightened and the relay box restored to health.
Lew Palmer

Thanks for your comments, I have cleaned contact's but still no joy, really I am not too sure if the flasher system worked when I got the car only drove it a short distance then parked it up and started on the things that needed attention, ie sump seals etc., clutch pedal bushes and so on.
As this car has had a rewiring job a long time ago there is no colour code for the wiring, meaning wires are any colour so it makes it hard for me to work out which wire's come from where and running into the relay.
Would anyone know off hand which wires go to terminals 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 so I can check they are going to the correct terminals.
For instance I think the following is correct
RHR flasher wire goes to terminal number 7
LHR " " " 3
RHF " " " 6
LHF " " " 2
From the directional switch 4
" " " 8
Brake light 5
Flasher 1

1955 TF 1500 with foot operated dip switch


G Mills

G'day George. It sounds like you don't have a wiring diagram. I googled "TF 1500 wiring diagram" & it's available on the net for download. BTW too many of those little brown bottles can affect co-ordination! Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

HaHa thanks Pete, cleaned all earths but still no joy although I must have disturbed something, Now the left hand rear indicator blinks without the indicator switch being moved.
nothing from the front.

Tooo early to drink LOL


G Mills

Pretty well convinced it is the relay, move directional switch to the left and the left rear light flashes and the relay contacts close, do it the other way and the contacts on the other side failed to do anything.
I will now go ahead and try and get the necessary modern relays and make a new unit.
Wish me luck I will need it I am not too good at this electrical stuff.


G Mills

Update But still no joy sorting the flashers out, I put a live wire to number 19 then 20 on the relay and the contacts came in, stop lights work, head , tail and park lights work, all dash lights work, my flasher can has seen better days but I think it is ok, when I put the turn signal control to left the left rear blinks when I put it to right the left stops blinking and both left and right stay on.
I have cleaned all the earths.


G Mills

I by-passed the relay years ago with a full-load Yank flasher.

Just left the relay there for effect,

No problems in 17 years.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

Open up Gordon, I am interested what you done and the parts used.



G Mills

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