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MG TD TF 1500 - Any thoughts?

Nice TF on feebay 220576384892.
If I was still in the market...I would be taking a close look at this one!
Far fewer "claims" than were on my "100 point" (not) car I purchased in 2000.
David Sheward

Nice looking on the outside, but I think someone will pay a premium price for that car, simply because of the dealer that's selling it. Interesting that no photos were shown of the underside of the car, but, most Mercedes dealers don't do that anyway! (Grin).
Paul Jennings

This thing was for sale about a month ago and the vinyl on the dash was coming unglued and a lot of other not so good things that escape me now. Have to look it up when I get time. Looks like they glued the dash stuff back down. 1500 badges on a 1250 car?
LaVerne Downey

I didn't see any 1500 badges, (or rear reflectors either). Dash looks chipped but no vinyl that I saw.
Think you were looking at another one?
David Sheward

Sorry, thought you were talking about this one when I saw the reference to Mercedes
LaVerne Downey

I see what you mean on that one! Engine:4Cylinder,1.5L
"In 1953, the TD was updated and dubbed the TF. It was given a 1466 cc engine." / Kind of forgot a setance there didn't they. LOL Say something like : This one didn't get that motor, but wears aftermarket badges proclaiming it did. Sad.
David Sheward

OBTW: Sent the following question to the TF LaVerne pointed out:
"I am a little unclear on the engine for this car. Is it the orginal 1250cc, a replacement 1250 or a 1499cc as stated? The badging on bonnet is "TF1500" and it wears the proper rear tub reflectors (found only on 1500's) however the VIN plate says XPAG engine. (a 1500 would be XPEG.) Vin # comes back as as 1250."
So far I have recieved several long "sales solicitations" ...but no answer to the question.
David Sheward

Good grief! Do not ask these folks a question!
Got this today:
Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2010 7:37 AM
Subject: How are we Doing?

Dear Ebay,
Beshoff Motorcars prides itself on delivering Superior Customer Care - far beyond what the average automotive dealership is known for.
To ensure you are receiving the best possible service on theMG Other you are seeking, may I ask:
Did Shaun Van Dick, your Internet Manager, answer your question(s) in a complete and timely manner?
Did you receive a price quote (to your satisfaction)?
Do you have a special situation that may need extra attention?
If your purchase or lease timeline is within one week and you have not informed Shaun Van Dick yet, please let me know. I will personally make sure your vehicle needs are given priority status.
Thank you again for your interest in Beshoff Motorcars.


Dody Abshir

MY reply :
Dear Spamhole,
"How are we Doing?"
IMHO : Not very well / Please stop.
"Did Shaun Van Dick, your Internet Manager, answer your question(s) in a complete and timely manner?
No. Mr. Dick never answered my question concerning the engine on the MG TF.
I am getting daily emails promising "personal attention and satisfaction", although I have ask that you please stop sending them.
As stated before, I have totally lost interest in this car. I have serious doubts concerning credibility of a vender that not only has
failed to answer a simple question about conflicting information in their advertisement but has instead placed my email address
in some kind of "automated sales promotion" list and continually refers to me as "Dear Ebay".
There is a "ZERO" ( 0 ) chance that I will be making any purchase now, or in the future from your company.
David (or, as you seem to prefer to call me, "Ebay")
David Sheward

I did the same thing prior to your enquiry. I asked why the finish on the wings (I used fenders for them)appeared to be much more dull than the bonnet (I also used hood for them). A prompt answer guessed's a matter of lighting.
Subsequently I also find myself on their mailing list
but I quickly point out that I'm not addressed as Ebay which means my relationship with them is far superior to yours.
Dick Thomas

Interesting. I've been called a lot of things, but never "Ebay."

We lived in San Jose for many years, and wife visited Beshoff looking to buy a new Merc. Ultimately did not because the sales staff were as pushy in person as they appear here in the virtual world.

My guess is they have no clue what you are asking of them - and thus they can hardly give an answer of any reliability about the engine or indeed any of the specs for a car like this. I really wonder why they took it into inventory to begin with.

This is hillarious! Got a reply "informing" me that the gentlemans "name" is "Van Dick" ...not "Dick".
Well duhh... LOL
Wait for it ...wait for it...
yep, is was addressed to "Dear Ebay"

I certainly wouldn't bid against an old friend like Mr. Thomas anyway!
Mr. E. Bay
David Sheward

LaVerne, What's up with the steering wheel on the TF (bogus 1500) that you posted? Looks like a Blunnels badge? and an old funky cracked marbelized rim under the nice leather cover. I guess that it is some kind of period aftermarket wheel.
Steven Tobias

Dear Mr Ebay,
I responded on this by setting up a second thread (Any Comments #2) because the #@&**% thread wouldn't le me add a comment to the origional. Then I find that my response did get registered on the origional thread. Just put all of this down to problems with the exteamly aged in Ohio. In the meantime, I'm getting constant followup Beshoff messages which I will not repeat since life is sufficiently short as it is. But they really might have something for you if you remain open minded.
Dick Thomas
Dick Thomas

I don't like the wheel either Steve but to each there own I guess.

David I thought the guys name was Mr. D Head.
LaVerne Downey

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