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MG TD TF 1500 - Anybody want to swap tan TD sidecurtains for black

Hello all:

I've gradually come to the conclusion that my tan 3-bow top, sidecurtain kit, and tonneau cover [all Moss, Stayfast stuff] will not go very well with my BRG/black paint scheme. Therefore, before I go back to the catalogue [gulp] and do a whole new order, I'm wondering if any of you out there might be in the opposite situation and want a tan kit and swap out a black kit? I know it's a shot in the dark, but the stuff is still in boxes and to flog it all on eBay right now seems pointless if I can trade with someone.

[snowed in central Alberta again last night - 2 inches or so. We wait a while longer for convertibles and two-wheelers...]

pps: Since I've also decided to go with alternator/negative ground, I also have a new transistorized pos.ground fuel pump for sale/trade... ...anybody got a working TD clock to swap??
Dave Jorgensen

By Chance do you have an old tan 3 bow top? If not what would you want for the new one? You can email if you would like.
I have my sidecurtains in tan but they are the originals and I am mssing my top, top tonneu & cockpit tonneu.
VWP Pina

My car is BRG and the tan top looks great. I wouldn't want black, it was not a standard color, anyway, and for that reason alone tends to look wrong. My opinion...

I need tan side curtains (mine are black) and old and don't look good, but I have a 2 bow top.

Larry Ayres

Hi Vince and Larry:

I don't have the old top in tan, as I've changed the whole color scheme and the top I started with was red. I do have the new tan 3-bow tan top [Stayfast, all stuff still in the Moss boxes,] side curtains, and tonneau - if you're interested please email me at:


Larry, you're right about the odd/non-standard color scheme. My bonnet, scuttle top, and cycle fenders will all be black, and so I want the black topline to continue all the way back to the spare tire - it's actually a J2 color scheme, and I'm so far away from an original TD that I decided to do it exactly the way I wanted [you'll be relieved that I dumped the idea of a 3.5 litre Rover V8 and stuck with the Judson/blower/XPAG, though.] I know that a lot of people will be horrified that I've done all this work to build a non-standard car, but everything else I own is hot-rodded or customized in some way, so I figured that the TD should fall into the same category.

When you see pictures of the finished car [six weeks, I hope,] you'll either decide it's inspired or the act of an idiot - I'm hoping for the first...

Dave Jorgensen

Ahh we Canadians...always living on the 'edge'!!!
gblawson - TD#27667

You've got mail.
VWP Pina

Somebody should say "thanks" for posting the offer! (THANKS!)
I wish somebody would have put out a similar offer in 01 when my TF was down to bare metal!
As for colors IMHO your car go with what you want!
In 01 I was faced with a decision:
Go "RED" (as my documentation says it should be)
Stay "Ivory" (actually looks pale yellow to my PO claimed the car has been since day 1)
Go "Black" (what I REALLY wanted)
Something was going to change because I did not own a fez or clown shoes and Yellow w/Black Interior & a red dash just didn't "get it" for me!
Determining factors for me at the time:
My seats were very nice (but black) my side curtains were faded (black) but had been installed "inside-out" so reversing them revelled like new exteriors! My Hood was black & faded (purchased a new one)
Had somebody put up an offer like yours I would be driving a Black TF w/ Biscuit interior (just like my Dad's old TF!)
IMHO : Go for what you like and feel comfortable with paying for!
I did & I'm happy!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward


I just returned to Moss some SUs that had been purchased 1 1/2 years ago. We determined the original SUs were rebuildable. Rather than take a beating by reselling them I called Moss. They said depending on the condition of the box they would credit me with a max 25% restocking fee. As it turned out I recollect they only levied a 10% restock fee as their price had increased.

Give them a call.
Jim Tatol

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