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MG TD TF 1500 - Anyone tried Wilwood Disk Brake Kit for TD?

master cylinderd the new Wilwood Disk Brake Kit for their TD/TF? Believe it's a commercial version of the adapter shown in the Jay Leno video from a year or two ago.

Link to the kit:

Forged Dynalite Pro Series Front Brake Kit:
Front Brake Kit No.: 140-15020

"Wilwood's new Pro-Series Front Hub Kits for 1950-1955 MG-TD/TF, offer disc brake upgrade solutions for OEM Drum spindles. Featuring a large 10.75" x 0.81
R Biallas

No expereince but that is expensive...
D Moore

I haven't had to price new or used front brake drums lately but what do you think it would cost to replace the drums, new shoes and wheel cylinders?

This comparison might make the Wilwood disk option a little more appealing. No?

I've seen the Wilwood conversion kit on eBay for as low as $1249.

Maybe we can hear from someone that has made the conversion.

Roy Challberg

Bought and installed the kit. Easy to install and improved stopping. Wish they had a kit for the TC.
CJ Lusch

Thanks CJ-
Sounds like at least one satisfied customer.

How does one put a price on improved safety?

Roy Challberg

From what I gather, drums for the TD are near non-existent to find with noone making replacements, and same finding used ones, at least one's in decent shape with some liner left. Used ones from reports in this forum are a lottery ticket to find. That's one reason I posted. Yes spendy. Add in time ($) looking for and evaluating used drums.
The other is Roy's sentiment.
Thanks C.J. for feedback.
R Biallas

I have no experience with them, but these folks may be able to help with classic car brake parts:

You could also shim the masks on the adjusters,, this brings back full adjustment.. I used a penny for many miles with out any problem,,
Obviously the rubber bands are there only to hold the cylinders together while completeing a brake job


Steve Wincze

I have no experience with machining or metallurgy but would it be possible to machine the drums and press in a new liner and somehow affix it so it would not rotate in the drum? Splines or keys or something? Just thinking out loud here.

S Grimm

Steve, yes aware of and used the "penny" trick but at some point when the liner gets out of round or whatever and needs to be turned, there's little left. Last time I had my drums in for truing they wouldn't/couldn't turn one of mine due to lack of liner. So my quest. Wish there was a cheaper solution to maintain good braking and safety.
Not aware of anyone (at least as reported via this forum) of rebuilding/remanufacturing the drums back to original specs.
R Biallas

These guys install new liners in old drums.

Worth a try.

MAndrus,Fron their web site, they only talk about relining aluminum brake drums. I asked if they also reline cast iron brake drums,,
I'll post their answer when I get it..

Steve Wincze

From Lew's comment above the folks at Power Track Brakes cannot supply TD drums.

"Dear Sir,
Thank you for your enquiry.
Sorry to say that we are unable to supply these brakedrums for your TD.

Kind Regards,

Paul Hunt, Powertrack Ltd"

Roy Challberg


Many years ago my '53 TD had MGA disk brakes put on the front by the previous owner. However, MGA brakes may now be as hard to find as TD brake parts.

Bobby L.
B. F. Loughridge

I think for the MGA brakes you need to convert to wire wheels. I could be wrong on that.
R Biallas

Well heres the answer, they do both,, now to get a price!!

Hey Steve, yes reline both types of drums we also reline brake shoes and arc shoes to match the new drum liners, on the road this week but you can call if you need to

Steve Wincze

Bobby L. & Randy,
I have been interested in converting to disk brakes for my TD for a long time. I have converted to wire wheels using the Morse Kit. Unfortunately Wilwood does not supply a kit for the wire wheels.
I'm interested in the comments above, about using disk brakes from an MGA. Would you or anyone else know if the Morse wire wheel conversion can except MGA disc brakes?
Mort 50 TD

Thanks Steve for investigating relining with JG. Be interested in the $ for relining, arcing, etc per drum. Then add in shipping of those weighty drums!
R Biallas

Send them an email (from Contact on web site) and Don will let you know the price,,,

Steve Wincze

Steve, thanks for that. Good to know.

Now to get them to add a little text to their website so they are easier to find via Google.

Randy and Mort,

Yes, the MGA front disc brakes probably require wire wheels as my TD has wires.
Additionally, I think the entire front MGA hub and brake unit was used. I think that the only change made (from the notes of the PO, now deceased) was shortening of the threads on the tie rods. Also used were the MGA clutch and brake master cylinder with associated pedals.

Bobby L.
B. F. Loughridge

Randy , the b brakes will also work. MGA brakes are fine but Ithink for wires only. I have them on my car and would not trade them for the world.
TRM Maine

Looking for something else, I stumbled upon the MG Octagon Car Club parts service. They have NEW TD/TF brake drums with bearings, seals, studs and wheelnuts.
£540.00 inc VAT
(Members Price)


At today's exchange rate, that works out to US $708 per drum, plus shipping, if they are truly still available.
Charles Duffy

Why not MGB disks? You an probably buy a whole crossmember with brakes and hubs for $100 with a little looking and replacment parts like rotors are readily available and (relatively) cheap.

The MG Octagon drums are available and the price is for a pair. Its a great club that costs little to join, has a very good spares scheme and a regular magazine. Yes I belong to it.
Dave H
Dave Hill

MG Octagon club drums are only front, nobody makes rear ones at the moment. The used ones normally have spline wear and are useless.
I was lucky that a friend wanted me to convert his TDC to wires and gave me the old wheels and drums for doing it.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee raybar2(at) tiscalidotcodotuk

Here is another option
L E D LaVerne

Once again the two E Bay options are only for front brakes, does anyone have an option to replace/convert the non existent rear brake drum issue
Jon L

I should know this and could go tear apart them on my TD and Moss lists 2 different item numbers (both N/A of course) so what is the difference(s) between front and back? I don't remember any difference when I had them all off couple years ago for turning.
Thanks all you gurus for the discussion and leads.
R Biallas

I believe Bob Grunau supplies Alfin drums for the TD/TF.
grunau.garage at
Gene Gillam

See . Unless he's changed, his Alfin's are for TA/TC/MGA. Bud
Bud Krueger

I've always wondered about the value of installing disc brakes just in the front. I would think that the strongest brakes should always be in the rear, as excessive braking in the front but not the rear could cause a catastrophic lack of control.

I'm not saying that front disc brakes may not be safer, I'm just curious what the experts would say...
Geoffrey M Baker

Actually the experts say that most of the braking "power" occurs in the front, up to 75% and only 30-40% in the back. Primarily because the center of gravity shift forward upon braking. Probably a reason why there are 2 cylinders applying more pressure to the shoes onto the drum. And only one on the back. Need for "power" (ie friction) between shoe and drum liner.

PS: I'm not an auto/mech engineer so;
One of many online article here.

and an good picture diagram in the latter part of this one.


PS: Anyone know if (and why if yes) the drums are different front to back on our TDs? I.E. Are they interchangeable or not?
R Biallas

Suggest looking at factory manual, Moss or other parts diagrams. Then you will know difference as well learn and understand how they work. Front/rear totally different in function, appearance, etc. Abingdon Spares lists used drums for $125 BTW.
George Butz

Isn't the difference that the rear drums are splined to fit the rear half shafts, whereas the front drums are designed to mount the stub axle bearings?

Now, look at Abingdon Spares page 30, Part 38a. Could that convert a front drum into a rear drum? Must go and find my parts book (still unpacking). Bud
Bud Krueger

Thanks Bud, you're probably right about the Alfins...can't find anything from Bob more current.

Gene Gillam


Did you install the residual pressure valves that Wilwood recommends? Did they fit the standard MG brake pipe fittings?

Karl Frank

I used the spindles discs and calipers from an MGB in my TD fo many years.Then did my 54 TF/1500 using identicle parts.
I did not change the shockabsorbers but made an aluminum spacer from the rear bumper mount. I cut them in half and they fit and did the job.
I had no problem at all with brake balance and did not use a peopotioning valve. No change to the master was needed. However for ease of service I sealed the master cylindercap and installed a 90 degree fitting with a small plastic reservoir up beside the battery box
edith sanders

Why not have the drums hot metal sprayed and then turn them to size
W A Chasser

The Octagon Car Club TD/TF brake drums are £548 PER PAIR. incl VAT (20%). Knock off 20% from £548 = £432. At today's exchange of 1.3 = $443 USD. Add $65 for sea freight and customs and you arrive at about $510 USD for the two drums.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gord Clark

Thanks for the update Gord. Much less than than the $1400 asked by Wilwood.
Would be nice to have the relative added "peace of mind? / security?" of disks over drums. Just my opinion so as not to start any "merit discussions" here!
Still on my wish list. Now I just need to start and complete the replacement of all new cylinders in the brake system!
R Biallas

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