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MG TD TF 1500 - Archive Search Ineptness

Well, I've just spent the past hour proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that I'm totally incompetent when it comes to searching the archives. I recall distinctly that a while back there was a thread about radiator cap ornaments that included, along with all the flying nymphs, a donkey's head. I was cleaning out a closet recently and came across the cap in the attached image and could help but chuckle in remembrance of the wonderfully irreverant TD driver that posts it and thought he might enjoy this one. Hope you do too.


ps, sorry about the inadvertant selfie. Guess I'm fairly inept with photography too.

J K Chapin

I don't think you were inept but this was not the BBS you saw it on. I looked for 'radiator ornaments' and also donkey and came up empty handed too.

You could just look at 'radiator caps' and use all the words and you will get some posts of caps. I did not look at them all.
Chris Couper

I thought in the US you call them "hood ornaments"

Chris at Octarine Services

Was this the one you saw?

Chris at Octarine Services

JK,I did a search for radiator caps, and came up with this one which might have what you are looking for,,,..

Midge radiator caps anywhere?

Good day all:

I don' know if the Donkey was in fact a bonnet ornament but about 1948, they tore down an old house on my street, and in dirt remaining that was under the house I found the attached. It was oxidized and I buffed it up, painted it and it has sat on my desk or window sill over the years.

It is, in fact, a beer bottle cap remover, way before the twist off type came into being.

Just some UI that's all.
Emdall, TD3191, Halfmoon Bay, B.C., Canada


Chris, I'm pretty sure the one I recall was on a T series (TD I think) and it looked like the one in Emdalls image though I recall it as shiny brass.

Thanks all.

J K Chapin

This thread was discussed on 06/03/2014

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